How Hydro-Quebec is using SimPowerSystems for Validating Detailed Real-Time Wind Turbine Models

Patrice Brunelle of IREQ, talks about how over the next seven years, Hydro-Québec will be integrating 4000 MW of wind power into its power system network. As a result, many power system studies must be conducted to properly integrate this new form of power generation.

A wide range of new simulation needs and the development of full EMT simulation models of wind farms are required to design and validate new modeling techniques and aggregated models.  This especially true especially when dealing with an already complex network that includes HVDC lines, asynchronous interconnections, SVCs, and series-compensated lines.

Hydro-Québec needs to perform real-time simulation of complex wind farm networks with its in-house real-time simulator. These techniques and real-time wind turbine models are validated using SimPowerSystems.

With the latest developments in supercomputer and real-time simulator technology, it is now possible to simulate multiple wind farms on large power system networks. Since all turbines are individually represented, the resulting models can be used for various studies related to wind farms.

SimPowerSystems, Simulink, and Real-Time Workshop are essential tools for Hydro Quebec engineers and researchers, The robustness and ease of use of these tools are of great value, not only for the study of wind power systems, but for a growing number of power system applications

About IREQ
IREQ is Hydro-Quebec’s Research Institute. We provide technical support to Hydro-Québec’s divisions by carrying out technological innovation projects in cooperation with universities, research centres and industry.

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity, mainly using renewable energy sources, in particular hydroelectricity. It is the largest producer of hydro-electric power in the world and one of the largest electric utilities in North America.

Author(s): Patrice Brunelle,
Narrator: Patrice Brunelle,

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