New feature RT-LAB/Motorsolve

The MotorSolve behavioral model export for OPAL-RT eDRIVEsim is a new feature available from Infolytica, a leader in electromechanical design and analysis software. It combines OPAL-RT real-time testing software technology with Motorsolve, part of the Infolytica finite element analysis (FEA) tool suite. With the Infolytica add-on for OPAL-RT eDRIVEsim, high-fidelity finite element motor models can easily be run in real time using OPAL-RT eDRIVEsim.

Benefits of the OPAL-RT/Infolytica Solution

Using MotorSolve, the machine designer can create a motor data file compatible with OPAL-RT software. The control engineer can transfer this data to RT-LAB FPGA simulators, which provide extremely accurate and flexible motor simulation that may dramatically change the way users do testing in the electrical motor industry.

With this solution:

• Time spent using a real motor bench to test motor controllers could be reduced to a minimum by using a real-time simulator with accurate motor behaviour.

• Control engineers could test their controller with different points of operation or non-ideal zones, such as saturated regime.

• Control engineers could also test faults, such as short or open circuit, that could be damageable on a real motor.

• Time-to-market would be faster, while a new motor design could be validated with a controller before manufacturing.

• Using high-fidelity motor models helps the control engineers simulate complex, non ideal behavior, such as cogging torque, and design a controller to reduce torque ripple.

• Control engineers could simulate the variation in motor inductance at high currents, which greatly affects the torque produced by the motor, and test the controller accordingly.

Motor Parameter File