Success Stories

The SESA-Lab (Smart Energy Simulation and Automation Laboratory) in Oldenburg is presenting an innovative approach to testing electrical systems of the future and is offering reliable solutions

The research project “Wind Energy Conversion using high frequency transformation and DC collection” is funded by the No

The Applied Electronics Research Team (APERT) is formed by teachers and researchers of the Electronic Technology Area of the Electronics Department and

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITECH) works on the research of st

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CSG Technology Research Center is a branch company of China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd.

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The mission of the powertrain systems at Valeo is to develop innovative powertrain solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The University of Nottingham works on the development of new MMC type (pole and VBE) controls for VSC and HVDC.

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At the heart of significant energy challenges, EDF R&D created

Electrical & Power
"We’ve come a long way. There were several issues that had been troubling us in the past.

One of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the road today is the Ford Fusion Hybrid.