Power Quality Study for DC Microgrid with Real Time Simulation Platform

Publication date : Nov 2011
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K. K. Jen, J. Z. Wu, H. J. Su, H. J. Lu, G. W. Chang, C. H. Chung,


A microgrid is a hybrid power system consists of several distributed generation resources and local loads, which provide the solution to supply premium power to remote or specific areas. However, some undesired effects are accompanied with their installations and operations, such as imbalance, voltage fluctuation, and harmonics, as well as inter-harmonics. To the aspect of voltage quality, the switching on and off of the distributed generation resources may cause power fluctuation, hence the associated power quality disturbances are produced and affect the connected power system. To the design of a hybrid power system such as an ac or dc microgrid, it is necessary to perform computer simulation for the planning and study. Before the actual system is built, all potential responses of the system should be known and then the design can be modified to avoid negative impacts to the system. This paper presents an application of the real-time simulation tool for power quality studies of the dc micro grid planning. Experiences of modeling a dc microgrid components are presented and simulation results are reported.