Technical Documents

Mar 2004 Shrinking the V Real-Time Testing for Real-Time Systems
Authors : David Rausen, Authors : Wensi Jin
Abstract : HIL systems have evolved rapidly in recent years, the result is an increased use of HIL in automotive engineering. However, HIL is not used to its fullest potential because of a lack in high fidelity plant models, tools...
Oct 2003 Accelerating Model Development for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Using Physical Models
Authors : Benoit Honel, Authors : Wensi Jin, Authors : William E. Debs
Abstract : This presentation is a review of General Motors Powertrain’s experience with Opal-RT and IMAGINE Software.
Aug 2003 An Automated Design Synthesis System Involving Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
Authors : Steve Hann, Authors : Wensi Jin
Abstract : This presentation explains a hardware in-the-loop (HIL) experiment: the automated design synthesis with a development ECU. It also gives details about the underlying technologies used: RT-LAB (Opal-RT) as the HIL...
Sep 2000 Ford V6 Engine Simulation Acceleration
Authors : Wensi Jin
Abstract : In a rapid prototyping environment, internal combustion engine control systems are difficult to model and to simulate, especially within both fast and real-time simulation settings. A solution to the problems of long...
Dec 1999 Enabling PC-Based HIL Simulation for Automotive Applications
Authors : Guillaume Murere, Authors : Paul Baracos, Authors : Wensi Jin
Abstract : This paper describes new technologies that enable the use of the affordable PC hardware as the computing platform for high-performance electromechanical simulation. Challenging applications such as real-time hardware-in-...