Technical Documents

Jun 2005 Hardware-in-the-Loop Design Optimization with CarSim-RT and iSight
Authors : Damon Becker, Authors : Paul Goossens
Abstract : Using CarSim-RT with iSight, engineers were able to demonstrate the optimization of a braking system with an ABS ECU connected to the design model. In this example, demonstrated at the iSight User Conference in Detroit,...
Mar 2003 RT-LAB in Action: Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal - 8-Degrees-of-Freedom Robot Arm Control Development Platform
Authors : Alexis Guigue, Authors : Paul Goossens, Authors : Vladimir Polotski
Abstract : This presentation displays how RT-LAB was used at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal to help test and build their 8-degree-of-freedom robot arm. The RT-LAB Engineering Simulator was chosen as the real-time platform because...