Technical Documents

Jan 2011 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) to reduce the development cost of power electronic converters
Authors : Girish Nanjundaiah, Authors : Kamal Al-Haddad, Authors : Luc-André Gregoire
Related Event: IICPE 2011 - India International Conference on Power Electronics
Abstract : This paper proposes a validation methodology for implementing solutions to challenges involved with power electronic converter design. Typically, the design process consists of first simulating the converter and then...
Dec 2010 Today’s Power System Simulation Challenge: High-performance, Scalable, Upgradable,Affordable COTS-Based Real-Time Digital Simulators
Authors : Girish Nanjundaiah, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Laurence A. Snider, Authors : Luc-André Gregoire
Abstract : This paper describes today's power system simulation challenge. Simulator technology has evolved from physical/analogue simulators (HVDC simulators, TNA’s) for electromagnetic transients and protection and control...
Dec 2005 RT-LAB Real Time Simulation of Electric Drives and Systems
Authors : Christian Dufour, Authors : Girish Nanjundaiah, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Simon Abourida
Abstract : This paper presents the RT-LAB Electrical Drive Simulator technology along with practical applications. The RT-LAB simulation software enables the parallel simulation of an electrical circuit on clusters of PC running...