Technical Documents

Jul 2015 Factory Acceptance Test of a Five-terminal MMC Control and Protection System using Hardware-in-the-loop Method
Authors : Gang Li, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Jie Tian, Authors : NR Electric, Authors : OPAL-RT, Authors : Wei Li, Authors : Weihua Wang, Authors : Yunlong Dong
Related Event: PES IEEE, general meeting
Abstract : Being the first five-terminal Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)-based HVDC project in the world, the control and protection system must be validated under various operation modes as well as contingency at the...
Jun 2015 Setup and Performance of a Combined Hardware-in-loop and Software-In-Loop Test for MMC-HVDC Control and Protection System
Authors : Chang Lin, Authors : Dong Liu, Authors : Wei Li, Authors : Weihua Wang, Authors : Xueguang Wu, Authors : Z hiyuanHe
Related Event: ICPE 2015-ECCE ASIA
Abstract : Despite the rapid development of VSC-HVDC technology, the practical experience to operate modular multi-level converter (MMC) has not yet been sufficiently accumulated. Real-time simulation is one of the most efficient...
Oct 2014 Testing a Complete Control and Protection System for Multi-terminal MMC HVDC Links Using Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation
Authors : Hong Rao, Authors : Wei Li, Authors : Weihua Wang, Authors : Xiaolin Li, Authors : Zhe Zhu
Abstract : Abstract—This paper presents the dynamic performance test of a complete control and protection system for a Multi-terminal MMC HVDC system using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. A novel HIL bench with a cost-...
Sep 2014 Real-time simulation of a Modular Multilevel Back-to-back HVDC System using RT-LAB
Authors : Jin Zhu, Authors : Wei Li, Authors : Weihua Wang, Authors : Yijun Zou
Abstract : This paper demonstrates an advanced model based on the RT-LAB simulation platform, which is able to simulate a Modular Multilevel Back-to-back HVDC system for both steady-state operations and various contingencies in...
Nov 2011 A Novel and Flexible Test Stand for Medium Voltage Drives Using a Hardware-in-loop (HIL) Simulator
Authors : Ata Douzdouzani, Authors : Christian Dufour, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Weihua Wang
Related Event: PCIM Europe
Abstract : With increasing complexity of topology and control strategies in medium voltage (MV) drives, a digital hardware-in-loop (HIL) simulator exhibits great advantage over a traditional analog test stand in terms of cost and...