Technical Documents

Sep 2013 Modular-Multilevel-Converter Dynamic Analysis and Remedial Strategy for Voltage Transients During Blocking
Authors : Antonios Antonopoulos, Authors : Handy Fortin Blanchette, Authors : Kamal Al-Haddad, Authors : Lennart Ängquist, Authors : Luc-André Gregoire, Authors : Wei Li
Abstract : This paper proposes a thorough analysis of the blocking sequence for modular multilevel converters in order to avoid fast voltage transients; such transients increase the stress on the different components of the...
Jan 2011 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) to reduce the development cost of power electronic converters
Authors : Girish Nanjundaiah, Authors : Kamal Al-Haddad, Authors : Luc-André Gregoire
Related Event: IICPE 2011 - India International Conference on Power Electronics
Abstract : This paper proposes a validation methodology for implementing solutions to challenges involved with power electronic converter design. Typically, the design process consists of first simulating the converter and then...