Technical Documents

Jan 2014 Real-Time Implementation of a Fault Location Algorithm for Homogeneous Power Systems
Authors : Ernesto Ruppert, Authors : Jean Mahseredjian, Authors : Juan Antonio Martínez Velasco, Authors : Juan Carlos Peqqueña Suni, Authors : Omar Saad
Abstract : This paper presents the implementation of a distance relay model in a real-time simulation platform. The relay is basically used in this work to locate faults in radial homogeneous (i.e., all sections have the same per...
Aug 2013 Custom-Coded Models in the State Space Nodal Solver of ARTEMiS
Authors : Christian Dufour, Authors : Hani Saad, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Jean Mahseredjian
Abstract : This paper explains the users’ custom model feature of the State-Space-Nodal (SSN) solver of ARTEMiS. Using this feature, users can interface directly with the SSN nodal solver their own discretized models. This can lead...
Jun 2011 Floating-Point Engines for the FPGA-Based Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits
Authors : Christian Dufour, Authors : Jean Mahseredjian, Authors : Jean-Pierre David, Authors : Tarek Ould Bachir
Related Event: IPST 2011 - International Conference on Power Transients
Abstract : The real-time simulation of power electronic circuits is challenging for several reasons. A PC-based simulation can hardly achieve time-steps below 5-10 μs: this yields a limit on the maximal power electronic switching...
Apr 2011 A Combined State-Space Nodal Method for the Simulation of Power System Transients
Authors : Christian Dufour, Authors : Jean Bélanger, Authors : Jean Mahseredjian
Related Event: 2011 IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) General Meeting
Abstract : This paper presents a new solution method that combines state-space and nodal analysis for the simulation of electrical systems. The presented flexible clustering of state-space described electrical subsystems into a...