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Improve Your Skills with OPAL-RT Training

OPAL-RT delivers practical and theoretical training on crucial tools and methodologies for real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of critical systems to engineering students and professionals. OPAL-RT Training instructors are selected amongst experienced professionals to deliver valuable content and motivate you to surpass your maximum potential. Learn about the processes behind simulating complex systems, and reinforce your studies with extensive hands-on workshops. 

Commencer à utiliser rapidement et efficacement un simulateur temps réel.

Sélectionner et utiliser les solveurs mathématiques adéquats à chaque application.

Savoir comment simuler des systèmes complexes en temps réel.

Renforcer leurs connaissances par des ateliers pratiques très complets.

Types de formation

On-Site Training

Our engineers travel the world to deliver personalized training sessions at your office or university.

Head Office Training

OPAL-RT hosts training sessions at our head office and at our subsidiaries, allowing you to connect with our specialists and network with other users in person.

Tutored E-Learning

Tutored e-Learning allows you to take a training course online and includes remote Q&A time with an OPAL-RT instructor.

Self-Paced E-Learning

Self-Paced e-Learning allows you to take a training course online at your own pace. These courses are free for our customers.
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Des formations pour tous les niveaux

OPAL-RT instructors are carefully selected from experienced professionals to offer the best training experience. OPAL-RT training includes:

Fundamental Courses

Covering the essentials of real-time simulation and a detailed overview of OPAL-RT’s software platforms: RT-LAB, HYPERSIM, and the NI VeriStand Add-On (eHS).

Application-Oriented Courses

Les cours par application qui sont possibles avec toute la gamme de produits OPAL-RT, que vous utilisiez RT-LAB ou HYPERSIM.

Les cours avancés

Les cours avancés qui sont destinés aux utilisateurs qui ont déjà acquis de solides bases en simulation temps réel. Ce sont typiquement des utilisateurs qui ont déjà suivi une formation ou un cours d’initiation.

Online Learning Platform

Develop your skills and learn how to get the most out of your OPAL-RT products. Our library of tutorials allows you to develop essential skills, master fundamental concepts, and get ahead with advanced topics. Visit our Online Learning Platform to preview the array of e-learning courses we offer.

OPAL-RT Certifications

OPAL-RT offers certifications for our software platforms and toolboxes. Our certifications aim to confirm that an individual meets all the objectives of the training by mastering the basic knowledge and skills needed to use our products. Each certification involves passing a test on our e-learning platform. Demonstrate your knowledge and take your skills to the next level!






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A Word from Mathieu Mayer-Girouard, OPAL-RT Training Program Manager

It is with great pleasure that I personally welcome you to OPAL-RT Training. Our Field Application Engineers have been specifically selected as the academy instructors for their knowledge and presentation skills, to offer you the best learning experience. We assist our students through the steps required to achieve advanced knowledge in Rapid-Control Prototyping, Hardware-in-the-Loop and/or Power Hardware-in-the-Loop. If you are looking for experienced and passionate professionals who are always ready to help, you’ve come to the right place.

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