National Instruments

OPAL-RT and NI’s combined capabilities

Infinite possibilities for EV & BMS real-time simulation

Build or Expand Automotive Testing with NI Assets and OPAL-RT Solutions

OPAL-RT and National Instruments bring you the most powerful, open, and flexible HIL- and PHIL-testing system designed to improve time-to-market and manage system complexity in the rapidly transforming automotive industry. This solution can easily be customized to adapt to changing research requirements by combining modular hardware and off-the-shelf components. Our solutions are backed by our expertise in highly customized and complex test benches, and training modules based on the world’s most advanced automotive applications.

OPAL-RT at NI Week

OPAL-RT and NI are extending their automotive testing offer to their customers with even more accessible, cutting-edge, real-time simulation technology.

Watch the video to learn more about OPAL-RT and National Instruments’ major partnership, and find out which key characteristics will ensure the safety and reliability in electric vehicles.

Why Choose OPAL-RT?

Automotive HIL Reference Architecture

OPAL-RT offers complete conformity with NI Automotive HIL Testbed Reference Architecture.
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Feature-rich FPGA-based Add-on

Import real-time models created with the simulation tool of your choice from an easy-to-use interface.
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Flexible and Configurable SLSC Card

Easily access and interact with your electronic control unit (ECU) or device under test (DUT).
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Battery Management System Integration

BMS’ Three Pillars: NI hardware, OPAL-RT integration & models, and COMEMSO battery emulators.
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Download the Free Demo

Take OPAL-RT’s solution for a spin today — completely free and with no obligation. With the demo, you can import a model designed with your favorite circuit editor, configure the simulation parameters, and create customized test scenarios to generate faults or simulate other events and maneuvers.

Access our Download Center now and learn how to install the software for the demo.

One Testing Platform, Complete Automotive Simulation

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

OPAL-RT provides high-fidelity real-time simulation for EV/HEV applications, with precise motor models, the fastest program execution time, and high-speed I/O communication. 
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Battery Management Systems

OPAL-RT’s solutions include adaptable configurations and scalable options, while being compatible with the most common applications and third-party components.
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Autonomous Vehicles

OPAL-RT’s ADAS systems can always keep up with new technologies as they’re introduced and integrated into vehicles, from data fusion and deep learning, to new sensors.
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OPAL-RT: The Partner You Can Trust

The world leader in HIL and PHIL

Unparalleled expertise in PC/FPGA-based Real-Time Digital Simulators, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment, and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems.

Over 15 years in the automotive industry

OPAL-RT has develop groundbreaking solutions for major OEM, tier-ones and emerging players in the testing and development of 21st-century automotive technologies.

Thorough, unwavering support

From day one until your test bench is performing flawlessly, our expert technical support team will be there to help you solve your greatest engineering challenges.

Success Story

The use of HIL simulation to simulate test conditions and vehicle behavior, and hybrid vehicle components such as motor drive and driveline, has resulted in reduced development times and costs, and higher quality products. Used in a high-performance real-time platform, these models enable Ford Motor Company to successfully conduct numerous HIL tests on the Ford Fusion Hybrid motor drive controller.

NI Automotive Journal

The NI Automotive Journal explores the latest trends in the automotive industry, specifically related to best practices in validation and production testing.

In this issue, OPAL-RT is featured in several of NI’s solution briefs so you can learn more about OPAL-RT & NI solutions for EV & BMS testing. The “Partner Highlight” section presents the complete solution in detail.

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