Video Tutorials | 7 – From PSCAD to Real-Time with HYPERSIM

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This series of videos will help you get started with the HYPERSIM software interface. Learn how easy is it to install HYPERSIM on your computer, run a model offline and in real-time, and work the basic features of ScopeView.

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From PSCAD to Real-Time with HYPERSIM

In this video, learn how to seamlessly import your PSCAD model to HYPERSIM for real-time simulation.

• Introduction to HYPERSIM-PSCAD compatibility (00:00:13)
• Methodology (00:00:30)
• Importing the IEEE 39-bus PSCAD model into HYPERSIM (00:00:56)
• Overview of the validation test scenario (00:01:54)
• Comparing simulation results (00:03:15)
• Conclusion (00:05:34)