Fully Programmable Powertrain and Vehicle Simulation for ECU-In-The-Loop Testing

The OP6000 simulator is a modular Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) system specifically designed to meet the challenges of the next generation of vehicle ECU development and beyond. The I/O modules are fully software programmable and designed explicitly for automotive sensor simulation. Featuring high I/O density, together with the ability to configure one simulator for multiple ECU programs, the OP6000 is engineered to consistently meet the evolving standards of powertrain and vehicle simulation.

Leveraging OPAL-RT’s industry-shaping performance in fidelity and low closed-loop latencies, the OP6000 is also a fully scalable solution.  Several units can be interconnected, using high performance communication buses, for testing higher levels of integration, such as a chassis/powertrain combination.

Designed in Collaboration With ECU Developers

The OP6000 has been specifically designed to handle typical ECU control signals for Engine simulators (EMS), Transmission Controller (TCU), Body Controller (BCM), Instrumentation Controller (IC), Hybrid and Electrical Motor Controller Standard. Automotive communication protocols such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay are supported. The system is also compatible as well with industry standard engine models and vehicle dynamics modeling software.

Tailored for Use

An Ideal Solution for Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Applications

Combine OPAL-RT’s unparalleled expertise in power electronics simulation with OP6000 technology specifically developed for automotive HIL testing to benefit from a comprehensive high-fidelity HIL testbench for multi-ECU electric powertrain simulation.

User Interface Tailored for ECU Testing Application

Combined with the OP6000, RT-LAB’s TestDrive user interface enables connection to any model compatible with RT-LAB, direct assignment between RT-LAB signals and Labview control and acquisition widgets, and simplification of integrated scripting using Python.  OPAL-RT software also enables access permission for different levels of users, from run-time test management to model development.

I/O Modules

The OP6000 base configuration includes all sufficient I/O boards for engine, transmission, powertrain and vehicle simulation. For expansion, as many as 11 fully programmable plug-and-play I/O modules are easily added and automatically detected, with no internal hardware settings, using a manual jumper for automated and trackable configuration settings.

All I/O channels also include software-configurable conditioning stages with protection mechanisms. OPAL-RT’s user-friendly software platform enables the smooth selection of appropriate output stage types, channel configuration, signal range and scaling for real-time applications at run-time.

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