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Reference Number: AA-01573 // Views: 17 // Created: 2019-01-04 21:59:31 // Last Updated: 2019-01-07 14:51:57
Problem & Solution
HYPERSIM WINDOWS ERROR "Fatal compilation error: Out of memory asking for 69640"

HYPERSIM ERROR "Fatal compilation error: Out of memory asking for 69640"

NOTE: This KB applies to Hypersim windows, if a similar error is found in Hypersim Linux, please refer to this other KB:

User can run into the following error while generating code in Hypersim windows:

An internal threshold was exceeded for routine Task_Sim_bus_48 and optimization level may be reduced. See for more information and advice.
Fatal compilation error: Out of memory asking for 69640.
compilation aborted for ../../../src/T_bus_48.c (code 1)
gmake: *** [../obj/T_bus_48.o] Error 1
/usr/bin/gmake -j10 -f Makefile.out all: Interrupted (code=2)
Starting code generation of [WECC179_BUS_Hooman_20180331]...
Code (R6.1.3.o698) and engine (R6.1.3.o698) versions match. Continue...
Code generation of [WECC179_BUS_Hooman_20180331] done.
Starting code compilation of [WECC179_BUS_Hooman_20180331] on []...
[execute]: hymake -h= -wk=//mnt/hyppub//code/user/dccf825272e193e38e5fce6fcc88b8d7539d57a5/exec/rt/linux-rhel5-32-opalrt/src all
[2018-12-11 09:56:13.831] Error during code generation.
/usr/bin/gmake -j10 -f Makefile.out all: Interrupted (code=2)

Which typically pops up the following window:

Possible solutions

1.- Hypersim offers two options to compile a model, an intel compiler (ICC) and a GCC (GNU based compiler).  The error "Fatal compilation error: Out of memory asking for 69640" has been known to be solved by changing the  ICC compiler to the GCC compiler. In some cases the GCC compiler may offer better performance than the ICC compiler which affects the memory used to compile a model.

Please follow this KB to use the GCC compiler in linux:

2.- Another option is that the model that is being compiled may be to large, in such case the user may want to try and decouple his model by using the "Decoupling element" that allows spliting a big model in easier to handle subsystems. Please verify section "Passive Elements: Decoupling Elements" (page 13-17) in the attached pdf document

Part_I_Chap06_en_passive_elements.pdf0.4 MbDownload File