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Reference Number: AA-02048 // Views: 91 // Created: 2021-10-28 14:11:36 // Last Updated: 2022-04-25 21:22:10
How to Change IP Address on an Opalrtlinux Target Through Mobaxterm ?

How To: Change IP Address or IP Mask on an Opalrtlinux Target Through MobaXterm

Introduction : This article explains how to change the IP address on an Opalrtlinux target using MobaXterm. Note that you can connect a mouse, keyboard and a screen and do these same manipulations instead of using MobaXterm. This article explains how to connect your mouse, keyboard and screen to your target.

1. Open MobaXterm session. Refer to this article on how to use MobaXterm.

2. Log to the target. User is root and the password is mentioned in the system description document.

3. Type 'ip a' or its legacy 'ipconfig' a to get the current IP address

4. Configure static IP by using the opal_network_configurator command.

5. Type ‘c’ to configure eno1. Note: To select the next interface type ‘n’.

6. Enter ‘y’ to configure as system network interface.

7a. To set up static IP, enter the IP address followed by the prefix (subnet): 192.168.10.XX/19

            Note: The prefix (subnet) is defined by the number of 1s in the subnet (in binary mode). For example, is 19. Online subnet calculator can be used.

7b. To set-up DHCP, type ‘DHCP’, then enter DNS server if there is any, otherwise leave it empty.

8. If you experience any difficulties, please contact support.

If you can't bring UP one of the enoX ports (Status is DOWN), please make sure that any switch between the Target Simulator and the Host PC supports 1 Gbits interface.