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Reference Number: AA-02096 // Views: 3 // Created: 2022-09-26 19:47:38 // Last Updated: 2022-09-26 19:49:18
Problem & Solution
Issue during the Load: WATCHDOG (29485) is gone. Stopping!


During the Load, you could have a message in your log set in exhaustive that says:

WATCHDOG (29485) is gone. Stopping!

Here the article that explain how to set the log in exhaustive to have much information as possible.


This issue happens if the Watchdog set in the tab "Diagnostic" is not enough to initialize your model on the target. The role of the Watchdog is to ensures that all nodes are running normally.

There are as many watchdogs as there as computation subsystems in the model. At regular user-defined time intervals, the watchdog verifies that the model is still running and that processes are still active.

If an error occurs, the watchdog stops the simulation. This option is not available on the Windows targets.

To solve this issue, you will need to change the user-defined time interval the watchdog verifies the model is still running that is by default 5000 ms. The number that you will found between parenthesis in the error message is the time that it took the model to initialize, so you will need to set the value of the Watchdog to at least this value:

1- Go to the Tab Diagnostic in RT-LAB

2- Change the Watchdog Timeout to a value superior to the value that you will find in between parenthesis in the error message. Here you can try to put 30000 ms for example

3- If this doesn't work try to increase this value and see if the issue is still here

If the issue persist please contact our support team directly through our support center: