Simulation accélérée



Speed Up Your Development Process

Despite significant improvements in processor technology, performing simulations remains a laborious exercise requiring hours of waiting for a scant few seconds of simulation. OPAL-RT Simulation Acceleration maximizes computational resources to significantly reduce the processing time currently required for computing model results. OPAL-RT delivers the fastest performance for today’s demanding simulation tasks, including electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation, for faster, more efficient simulation.

Whether for power systems and EMT simulation, or for more flexible environments capable of tackling broad applications, OPAL-RT provides flexible Simulation Acceleration solutions, running on our latest generation of Intel Xeon simulators or a PC workstation. Each solution provides users with the ability to more easily create and adapt models, and to compile them into high-performance, optimized programs to be run in parallel on multiple processors, taking full advantage of computational resources.

Simulation Acceleration Process

The Most Advanced Verification Approach

Faster Verification

Save time and experience significant gains in acceleration using OPAL-RT’s multi-processor simulation architecture and state-of-the-art solvers to simulate complex EMT models on Intel’s state-of-the-art Xeon E5 processors.

Maximum Data Accuracy

Use OPAL-RT’s refined automatic code generation process (through RT-LAB and HYPERSIM) to easily compile models into higher-performance code. Engineers can use this methodology to more easily build models, and investigate and fix design flaws.

When possible, Simulation Acceleration can be extended to real-time testing with Hardware-in-the-Loop for the highest cycle-based precision.

Test Infrastructure Reusability

Maximize efficiency by recording all simulation data and more fully automating offline model test sequences.

OPAL-RT’s Acceleration Simulation solutions are specifically designed to enable the highest level of compatibility and reuse between simulation environments.

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