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HIL Testing for Automotive Simulation

For over 15 years, OPAL-RT has worked with major OEM, tier-ones and emerging players in the testing and development of 21st-century automotive technologies. From specialized farm machinery to the mass-production of hybrid vehicles and luxury automobiles, OPAL-RT’s leadership position in HIL testing for automotive simulation is recognized around the world.

OPAL-RT’s unique expertise in real-time simulation for EV and HEV electric motors, together with the company’s experienced HIL engineering, has evolved through a wide variety of collaborative automotive projects. Our experience in co-simulation and accelerated-time simulation, meanwhile, has been employed in the development of modern chassis systems (ADAS), as well as in the re-simulation of upwards of five petabytes of data in order to prove their roadworthiness. Today, OPAL-RT offers this comprehensive and successful line of products and solutions for the automotive industry.

Expertise in the Most Important Fields

OPAL-RT expertise in HIL and RCP simulation for the automotive industry is the result of close collaboration within a multidisciplinary team of electrical engineers, scientists and programmers. The company is uniquely positioned to offer the most complete and advanced product and service line for the most in-demand fields. These include:

Battery Management Systems

OPAL-RT’s solutions include flexible configurations and scalable options, while being compatible with the most common applications and third party components.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

OPAL-RT enables the running of real-time FGPA simulations with unparalleled accuracy and a wide array of potential fault scenarios, all while ensuring the complete validation of ECU.

Turnkey Test Benches

OPAL-RT’s Turnkey Test Benches are tailor-made for the most demanding automotive applications. Coaching services in HIL technology and project management are also available.

OPAL-RT’s Essential Tools for the Automotive Industry

Learn more about how OPAL-RT products and tools accelerate the validation of prototypes, significantly reduce development time and realize an overall decrease in the time-to-market of for new products.


A flexible and scalable software environment, RT-LAB efficiently combines all applications related to automotive testing. Integrated with MATLAB/Simulink, RT-LAB coordinates and facilitates automatic testing, I/O managers and CAN communications protocols.


A compact, dedicated simulator specifically designed for RCP applications on electric motors, OP4200 is an ideal simulator for the quick development of new controllers.


Specifically developed for ECU automotive testing, TestDrive quickly interfaces with all major OEM ECUs.

Customer Success Stories

Delphi Delco installed as many as 60 programmable testers, based on RT-LAB Engineering Simulators, in a pilot program in the ECU development process.

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Learn how OPAL-RT can help accelerate time to test conditions and vehicle behaviour, as well as hybrid vehicle components.

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See how Valeo uses an OPAL-RT simulator to develop innovative powertrain solutions

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