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The Best of Both Worlds in EV Automotive Testing

Our partnership with National Instruments allows OPAL-RT’s FPGA-Based Power Electronics Toolbox (eHS) to be available on the NI platform through the VeriStand Add-On and the LabVIEW SDK. The Add-On for NI VeriStand is a combined solution to bring EV automotive testing to the next level. For customization, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available on NI’s LabVIEW.

EV Automotive Testing NI VeriStand

What is the NI VeriStand Add-On?

Integrated directly with National Instruments’ VeriStand, OPAL-RT’s FPGA-Based Power Electronics Add-On (eHS) is a powerful FPGA-Based simulation tool for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing. Used with controllers for power electronics applications, it enables users to simulate an electric circuit on FPGA automatically, and through a convenient user interface, without having to write the mathematical equations.

EV Automotive Testing - NI PXI/CompactRIO

Unrivaled FPGA-Based Performance | Main Features:

Import models from various third-party power electronic simulation software.

Include detailed machine models and emulate resolvers and encoders, among others.

Change parameters during simulation using scenarios and parameters sets.

Simulate complex power electronics circuits in real time, with the best accuracy.

Download the Free Demo

Take OPAL-RT’s solution for a spin today — completely free and with no obligation. With the demo, you can import a model designed with your favorite circuit editor, configure the simulation parameters, and create customized test scenarios to generate faults or simulate other events and maneuvers.

Access our Download Center now and learn how to install the software for the demo.

The Perfect eHS Series Tailored to Your Needs

The FPGA-Based Power Electronics Toolbox (eHS) offers two series of solvers for NI VeriStand to better address your engineering needs. Cater to the requirements of your system by selecting the exact number of states, switches and signals of measurements and controls from our list of solvers for NI VeriStand: eHSx64, eHSx128. Read the VeriStand Add-On specifications for additional information on available series.

EV Automotive Testing - The Perfect eHS Series Tailored to Your Needs


Accurate and Precise Electric Machine Real-Time Simulation

Integrated within eHS, the FPGA Electric Machine Library is the ideal platform for designing and testing controller and power electronics and electric drive systems. The library includes a power electronic and motor library that lets you simulate all components forming the electrical motor drive system. It includes detailed mathematical model of different type of electrical motors such as:

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM – IPM – BLDC- SPM)
  • Induction Machine (DFIG – DFIM – Squirrel Cage Induction Machine)
  • Switched Reluctance Machines

EV Automotive Testing - Accurate and Precise Electric Machine Real-Time Simulation
EV Automotive Testing - DC Fast-Charging System (DCFCS) for EV charging

Success Story

In one of Canada's most ambitious Electric Vehicle infrastructure projects, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Applied Power Electronics (CAPE) partnered with energy storage company eCAMION to build a DC Fast-Charging System (DCFCS) for EV charging stations on the Trans-Canada Highway, one of the world’s longest highways.

The engineering team’s use of OPAL-RT’s FPGA-Based Power Electronics Toolbox (eHS) expedited the development process, lowered the development costs and reduced the safety risks inherent in developing the systems at high voltage and currents.

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The NI VeriStand Add-On is a powerful FPGA-based simulation tool for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of controllers for power electronics applications. Download the lastest version to discover the features of the Add-On.
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This series of videos will guide you through the first steps to set up and install the NI VeriStand Add-On onto your computer, license the software, and configure an electric motor and drive simulation.
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