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Discover Power in Mind Magazine, the official publication of OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES. As pioneers in real-time simulation and testing solutions for electrical systems, OPAL-RT provides cutting-edge insights and innovations shaping the industry. Each issue features expert articles, in-depth case studies, and updates on the latest technologies and practices in power engineering. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or industry professional, Power in Mind is designed to enlighten and inspire, highlighting the transformative power of real-time technology in addressing today’s energy challenges.

Volume 7 | Spring 2024

Power Grid Digitalization

Delve into the latest advancements in power systems and electronics. This edition focuses on the digital transformation of power grids, transitioning from traditional analog systems to interconnected smart grids. It highlights the integration of digital technologies such as smart meters, sensors, and advanced communication networks, including wired, wireless, 5G, and satellite systems, which enhance grid resilience, efficiency, and renewable energy integration. The magazine also addresses the challenges of ensuring network reliability and cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of robust testing solutions.

Volume 6 | Winter 2024

Electrifying Transportation

This edition of OPAL-RT’s Power in Mind Magazine delves into the realm of FPGA technology. From its inception in telecommunications to its widespread integration in consumer, automotive, and industrial domains, FPGAs have revolutionized integrated circuits. Discover eFPGASIM, OPAL-RT’s premier FPGA-based real-time solution, renowned for its unmatched performance in power electronics engineering. This edition scrutinizes the indispensable role of FPGA processing across diverse industries.

Volume 5 | Fall 2023

FPGA Innovation

In this edition of Power in Mind, discover the most recent developments in simulation and delve into OPAL-RT's innovative technical accomplishments.

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