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OPAL-RT has leveraged its extensive expertise in power electronics and power systems to develop electrical and robotics courseware tailored to meet the needs of universities and colleges in educating the future generation. With a focus on enhancing the efficiency, reliability and affordability of teaching, our comprehensive courseware comprises software, hardware, virtual laboratories and customizable exercises.

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Experience the latest technology of virtual laboratories and courseware to enhance your classes. Created by professors for professors, our courseware are the result of a collaboration between OPAL-RT and pioneering university professors worldwide.

Comprehensive Electrical Courseware for Enhanced Learning

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Electric Machines Courseware

This courseware is intended to teach the fundamentals of synchronous and asynchronous machines. Users are in-the-loop, interacting with virtual machines and doing experiments as they would with physical test benches. As a result, they will fully grasp the identification of steady-state model parameters, synchronous machine generator and motor operations, and asynchronous machine speed control.

Electric Machines Courseware

Electric Motors Drives Courseware

This courseware is intended to teach various control strategies implemented in variable speed drives. Users grasp a deep understanding of concepts such as torque and speed linear control for brushed-DC motors, hysteresis self- and vector-current control for PMSM, indirect FOC for induction motors and vector-control for doubly fed induction motor. Additionally, switches-based converters are employed in the scheme instead of the commonly used averaged models.

Electric Motors Drives Courseware

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Courseware

This courseware is intended to teach the fundamentals of electric engineering. Users are in the loop, interacting with a real-time virtual laboratory, that includes passive elements (resistances, inductances and capacitors), single- and three-phase transformers, dc and ac sources, scopes and measuring instruments. As a result, students will fully grasp the fundamental notions of electric circuit theory, delta/star, series/parallel, hybrid connections, steady-state and transient analysis, instantaneous, mean, and RMS values, balanced and unbalanced systems, among others.

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Courseware

Power Electronics Courseware

This courseware is intended to teach power electronics converters. Users can experiment and learn power electronics converters, such as choppers (buck, boost, buck-boost), rectifiers (single- and three-phase, diode- and thyristor-based), inverters (single- and three-phase, two- and three-level NPC). Notions of PWM frequency, duty cycle, harmonic analysis, power flow computation, and filtering are thoroughly addressed. Control logic with HIL and RCP tools commonly used in innovative power electronics industry research and development are provided too.

Power Electronics Courseware

Renewable Energy Courseware

This courseware is intended to teach the real-time simulation of a microgrid and its major components. Users can experiment and learn about the real-time operation principles of renewable energy resources, such as battery energy storage systems, photovoltaic generation system, and wind turbine generation system, including different control and mitigation strategies used by power systems operators and utilities. Notions of maximum power point tracking, load shedding, demand response, and power flow are thoroughly addressed.

Renewable Energy Courseware

Find the Perfect Robotics Courseware for your Needs

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tailored Electrical and Robotics courseware

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Improve your classes with tailored Electrical and Robotics courseware that include software, virtual laboratories and customizable exercises.

tailored Electrical and Robotics courseware

Students & Professionals

OPAL-RT supports students and professionals who would like to take individual courses in Electrical and Robotics engineering. OPAL-RT will assign the right instructor to you, allowing you to take your skills to the next level. Discover the Electrical & Robotics Course Catalog >

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Our courseware is the result of a collaborative effort between OPAL-RT and worldwide university professors who are recognized pioneers in their respective fields.
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Welcome users in virtual labs where they have access to a wide range of components: AC and DC sources, loads, transformers, batteries, PV cells, wind turbines, electric grid, serial robotic manipulators, wheeled mobile robots, four-channel scope, and other measurement instruments.

It’s the real thing

Users might blow up fuses if they do the wrong manipulations on the equipment. We are not talking about video games here. Working with our courseware is also a great way to familiarize yourself with OPAL-RT products.


The user is in the loop in real time. Our user-friendly platform even allows you to create your own exercise.


Our courseware can run on students’ laptops. You are in active learning mode and you gain autonomy by having the opportunity to perform most of your work from home.


They are standalone products. No need to have real-time simulators to run the courseware on if your budget cannot allow it.

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OPAL-RT courseware has been thoughtfully crafted by renowned university professors to provide the most comprehensive learning experience possible.

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