OP1420 Microgrid PHIL Test Bench

PHIL Test Bench

OP1420 | Microgrid

From the Name Most-Trusted in Real-Time PHIL Simulation

Universities around the world are rapidly adopting PHIL technology to their research laboratories, providing a major advantage to their students and researchers. However, the complexity, time, and high costs for them to create their own test bench remains a challenge.

Backed by over 20 years of experience working with the industry and top research laboratories in the world, OPAL-RT has developed the most complete Microgrid PHIL Test Bench. The test bench is ideal for any type of microgrid application research, by allowing users to have hands-on experience by testing real components in various operating conditions.

Everything You Need for Power Hardware-in-the-Loop

Building a quality PHIL setup requires components to be carefully selected not just for their technical capability but also for their inter-compatibility. With the Microgrid PHIL Test Bench, OPAL-RT has taken the guesswork and risk out of PHIL with a turnkey product that offers one of the highest performance and versatile setups in the market.

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Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Process

PHIL is an extension of Hardware-in-the-Loop testing, in which the real-time simulation environment is capable of exchanging power with devices under test (DUTs). The DUTs are interfaced to the simulator using a power amplifier, which is controlled by the simulation.

The Perfect System to Optimize Your Testing And Validation


Save time and reduce integration costs with an intuitive and ready-to-use solution, instead of wasting time ordering and integrating your own test bench constituent parts.


Be backed by a company with over 20 years’ experience in PHIL simulation. The Microgrid PHIL Test Bench was specially designed for PHIL applications, as it ensures closed-the-loop stability.


The OP1420 Microgrid PHIL Test Bench has overload, short circuit and over temperature protections. Enjoy a safe environment and guarantee one to others.

Focus on What Really Matters

OPAL-RT’s real-time simulation systems are currently used in nearly half of the world’s universities that need to accelerate engineering design, validation, and publication of their results.

Watch our webinar that presents how the Microgrid PHIL Test Bench can be configured with as many combinations of a Grid, Energy Source or DER emulator making it the most versatile PHIL product for uGrid applications on the market.

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OP1420 Microgrid PHIL Test Bench Specifications

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