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Discover complete solutions for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) testing. OPAL-RT offers the most advanced real-time simulation software platforms for power systems, power electronics, aerospace and automotive sectors: RT-LAB (Multi-domain, MATLAB/Simulink® based), HYPERSIM (Power Systems), and NI VeriStand (Automotive).

Providing engineers an all-in-one software environment for managing diverse I/O configurations, communications protocols, and highly specialized end user applications, OPAL-RT platforms allow engineers to address the two major factors currently affecting product development across all industries: time-to-market and increasing system complexity.

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real-time simulation software platforms RT-LAB


Fully integrated with MATLAB/Simulink®, RT-LAB enables Simulink models to interact with the real world in real time. This makes RT-LAB ideal for engineers to rapidly develop and validate their applications in real time, regardless of their complexity.As a multi-domain platform, RT-LAB provides flexible and scalable solutions for the power systemspower electronicsaerospace, and automotive industries.
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Real-Time Simulation Software Platform HYPERSIM schematic-editor
Real-Time Simulation Software Platform HYPERSIM


Developed by the power industry for the power industry, HYPERSIM is the result of over 25 years of collaboration between OPAL-RT, Hydro-Quebec, RTE, and CEPRI. As a high-performance, state-of-the-art and extensively field-tested real-time simulation software platform, it enables the most demanding utilities, manufacturers and research centers to run faster and more realistic tests in order to meet the evolving requirements of the energy sector. Learn more >

real-time simulation software platforms NI


NI Hardware, Labview & Veristand, in combination with OPAL-RT’s FPGA-based Power Electronics Add-On (eHS), enables NI users to overcome the greatest electric vehicle design and engineering challenges. It provides users a framework for real-time testing applications, such as embedded software validation, real-time control and monitoring of mechanical test cell applications. Learn more >

Real-Time Simulation Software Platform FPGA-based Power Electronics Add-On for NI

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