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Power & Control

OPAL-RT provides a large set of proprietary and third-party devices such as control platforms, power modules and power amplifiers, which can easily be combined with the simulator platforms and connected with external devices.

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Measurement and Protection

120/240 VAC - 50-60 Hz / 15 A breakers

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Power Safety Panel

4 models available in a combination of 4 or 8 voltage/current sensors and 300 or 600V

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OP8662-4 / OP8662-8
High voltage and current monitoring interface

Power Amplifiers


Power Modules and Control Platform

The B-Box provides a high-performance Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) platform tailored for power electronics

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Imperix B-Box 3.0
DSP Control Prototyping Platform

Ready-to-use IGBT stack for powerful inverters and low-voltage applications.

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Imperix PEB4050
IGBT Power Module, 50A/400V

Silicon carbide phase-leg power module for fast-switching power converters.

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Imperix PEB8024
Half Bridge SiC Module 24A/800V

H-bridge Power Module, 15A/200V, galvanic isolation, up to 50 kHz switching frequency

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Imperix PEH2015
H-bridge Power Module, 15A/200V

H-bridge Power Module, 10A/400V, galvanic isolation, up to 50 kHz switching frequency

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Imperix PEH4010
H-bridge Power Module, 10A/400V

NPC phase-leg power module for neutral point clamped converters.

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Imperix PEN8018
NPC Converter Module 18A/800V

This interface allows controlling Imperix power modules with an OPAL-RT simulator.

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Imperix power interface for OPAL-RT hardware
Interface between module and simulator

An interface that interconnects the B-Box RCP controller to an OPAL-RT HIL simulator.

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Imperix Simulator interface for OPAL-RT hardware
Interconnects the B-Box and a simulator

Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

Interface a TI DSP with an OPAL-RT real-time simulator

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OP8666 DSP Controller Board