Power System Controls



Power System Controls

The recent shift away from centralized generation to distributed generation power infrastructure with the adoption of two-way digital communication technology, such as Smart Grid, has resulted in significantly more complex control systems on the grid. While this evolution holds the promise of greater reliability and stability of power grids, new challenges have emerged for engineers developing modern controllers and implementing them in the field. Today’s engineers require advanced yet flexible testing tools to meet their objectives within project timeframes and budgets.

OPAL-RT for Power System Controls

OPAL-RT offers comprehensive real-time solutions for power system controls engineers working on a diverse power system controls including FACTS, SVC, STATCOM, MMC controls and many more. OPAL-RT’s state-of-the-art real-time simulators provide the fastest and most accurate closed-loop interaction between controllers and plants.

Power system controls _ real-time simulation workflow

OPAL-RT for the Real-time Simulation of Power System Controls

The Fastest Real-Time Simulation and the Best Results

OPAL-RT’s real-time digital simulators are outfitted with class-leading Intel Xeon processors and Xilinx FPGAs. The CPUs are used for electromagnetic transient (EMT) and electromechanical (phasor-based) simulation of large and complex power systems, while FPGAs accurately simulate high-frequency power electronics circuits. Unlike any other real-time digital simulator, OPAL-RT architecture enables users to couple CPU and FPGA models to include detailed power electronics models within larger power system simulations. The real-time performance and numerical stability of these models is provided by OPAL-RT’s cutting-edge, proprietary solvers.

Various Options of I/Os and Communication Protocols

OPAL-RT supports a long list of communication protocols from various industries to aid with control. Designed to provide users with the most complete test experience while testing the communication layer of their controls, OPAL-RT provides not only the standard I/Os needed by the industry, but I/Os specifically designed for power controls.

OPAL-RT Recommended Systems

HYPERSIM Simulation System

HYPERSIM provides engineers with powerful tools to address the most complex challenges of power system control. Widely adopted by international industries, academia and research centers, HYPERSIM offers a unique software interface completely dedicated to EMT power systems research. Easily create detailed power system models with a rich component library of over 300 items.

eMEGASIM Simulation System

eMEGASIM provides flexible, scalable, intuitive and affordable solutions for a multitude of disciplines and applications. Whether for industrial or academic use, the real-time simulation system can meet any requirement. eMEGASIM runs on the RT-LAB real-time simulation platform, fully integrated with the industry-standard SimScape Power System interface.

Customized Real-Time Digital Simulators for Specific Needs

Many power system HIL projects require specialized, cost-efficient test benches capable of representing engineering systems with high fidelity, regardless of complexity. OPAL-RT provides HIL test benches for even the most demanding applications and standards.

Customer Success Stories

RTE assembles a hardware-in-the-loop test facility in collaboration with Hydro-Québec and OPAL-RT.

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OPAL-RT is proud to be the simulation platform provider for the DynaGrid Control Center (DGCC), the power grid control center of the future.

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Entergy uses OPAL-RT’s solutions to provide engineering support for a safer and more reliable transmission system.

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