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Imagine working for a company with customers including NASA, Bombardier, ABB, EMBRAER, MIT, GE, Ford, GM, NREL and Hydro-Québec! OPAL-RT’s ambitious challenge is to fully democratize simulation, making it affordable and accessible to every engineer and researcher.  Joining the OPAL-RT family means you will be helping to develop the technology of the future.

OPAL-RT is recognized leader in diverse and powerful applications. The company's tools are used in a wide variety of fields, including, automotive, aerospace, energy, transportation and industrial manufacturing. Established in Quebec and bolstered by a global presence, OPAL-RT is always looking to the future.


From R&D to production, sales and marketing to technical services, OPAL-RT employees are united by shared values:

OPAL-RT employees are driven to create innovative technology, while offering customers the very best user experience.
OPAL-RT’s working environment encourages people to exchange and enhance innovative ideas.
OPAL-RT employees seek out opportunities to raise the bar of innovation and stay ahead of the game.

The Office Vibe

OPAL-RT offers a mix of culture and ages, where many languages are heard and experiences exchanged. The office is a professional, yet laid-back setting where PhDs, engineers, researchers and professionals of all kinds share their passion for their work.  OPAL-RT employees work hard but also know when to play. Whether it’s for a game of baby foot or for happy hour, the office space can quickly turn into a social venue.

OPAL-RT’s Montreal headquarters are located in the Nordelec, a historical building situated by the Lachine Canal in Montreal’s South West district. Its bright, open space offers the perfect working environment for interactions and collaboration.

OPAL-RT Benefits

Three weeks vacation and bank of hours
Company contribution to retirement savings fund
Flexible work hours and telecommuting
Annual subsidy for physical fitness


Working at OPAL-RT has shown me the power of equality when it comes to cultural origins and gender. Only skills and talent matter in exceling at your job.  I’m happy to see more women in the technical field.

Anita Szilagyi
SCRUM Master, Drivers Team

The work environment is friendly and informal. Engaging with hardware and software technical challenges is the best of both worlds. I love the direct contact with customers and traveling to meet them is even better!

Christy Genganantha Field Application Specialist

OPAL-RT presents many exciting technical challenges. The work environment is both stimulating and motivating. Every day I learn something new.  I can fulfill my ambitions, while still being able to balance my family life.

Danielle S. Nasrallah Technical Lead, Power Electronics and Advanced Control  Studies, Modeling & Specialized Testing