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Enhance Power Systems Stability

Over the past decade, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has observed a marked increase in frequency stability problems. Frequency response in the Eastern Interconnection, for example, has deteriorated significantly during this period, causing progressively smaller power disturbances to induce significant frequency deviations.

Frequency stability problems for islanded or large interconnected power systems are becoming a major concern, not only in North America but globally. For large power systems, stability improvement can produce an increase of hundreds of MW transmission capacity, representing millions of dollars per year.

Simulating System Stability

In addition to the usual instruments required for conducting conventional open-loop tests on speed governors, RT-LAB BERTA is equipped with a real-time simulator, allowing for the driving of governors using various generated signals, including a frequency signal that corresponds to the tested unit operating in isochronous mode (provided that it alone is supplying a load equal to its generated power).

The real-time simulator integrated into RT-LAB BERTA makes it possible for the governor and turbine to react as though they were operating in an islanded power system, enabling the adjustment of the speed governor and validation of the governor and turbine models in the same test session. Moreover, the simulator includes a power system (PSS) stabilizer emulator, enabling users to determine whether the PSS contributes to the whole power system frequency stability.

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Recommended OPAL-RT Solutions

BERTA Test Bench

BERTA is a safe, reliable and portable test bench for speed governors, turbines, voltage regulators (AVR) and power system stabilizers (PSS).

Expert Services

With expertise gleaned through work with Hydro-Québec in planning, operations and power systems simulation laboratories, OPAL-RT can execute a wide variety of studies and tests related to power system stability analysis, under a wide variety of operating conditions, on-site power plant testing and the identification and validation of dynamic models.

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