Large-Scale Electromechanical Power System Real-Time Simulation

Power grids are increasingly stretched beyond their limits by renewable energy sources, overcrowding of networks facing exponential growth, as well as highly-enmeshed networks and new HVDC interconnections. This dramatically increases the operational complexity and control/protection demands of these grids.

ePHASORSIM excels at simulating extraordinarily large mixed T&D networks in real time thanks to its powerful phasor domain solver, helping engineers to study transient stability phenomenon and test the integration of EMS/SCADA systems. It outperforms as well at wide area protection and control schemes (WAMPAC)–or to train system operators with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations true to the real grid.

Real-Time Simulation of 100,000+ Nodes of T&D Systems

Here forty instances of the IEEE European Low Voltage Test Feeder are stitched to the IEEE 118-bus transmission system to synthesize a new test case that has over 108,000 nodes. The real-time simulation of such a massive T&D power grid uses parallel computation on only nine processing cores!

ePHASORSIM Helps Power Labs and Research Facilities to Focus On:

    • Real-time transient stability simulations for systems in range of 100,000+ nodes

    • Wide-area control/protection/state estimation algorithms

    • EMS tools and algorithms, such as AGC and load shedding

    • PMU streams and PDC applications

    • System studies with massive numbers of renewable penetration

    • Design and test local controllers, such as voltage regulators

    • Advanced metering and information network

    • Impact of load profiles in distribution networks


Simulation type:Phasor domain
Typical time step:1ms - 10 ms
Compatible modeling environments: Simulink, Excel, PSS®E, CYME, PowerFactory, Open Modelica, Dymola
Maximum tested real-time network size:1,000,000 1-phase nodes
Maximum non real-time network size:Unlimited
Capability per processing core:10,000 nodes @ 10 ms

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Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection and Control

ePHASORSIM serves as a tool to develop new control and measurement algorithms for Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control (WAMPAC) applications.


ePHASORSIM is employed as a powerful and efficient testing tool to emulate real-world cyberattacks and communication system failures in a controlled environment.

Large-Scale Electromechanical Power System Real-Time Simulation System
Used for Operator Training

Electromechanical Power System Real-Time Simulation application

Operator Training

ePHASORSIM is used for operator training for transmission and/or distribution systems using either balanced positive-sequence network models or unbalanced phase-by-phase network models.

Customer Success Stories

L2EP designed a distributed energy test platform with an advanced metering infrastructure to assess influence of electric vehicle supervision strategy.

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Fraunhofer IWES developed a novel real-time EV-fleet simulator for studying potential grid impacts and grid integration strategies of large fleets.

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TNB is the Malaysian multinational electricity company and is the only electric utility company in Peninsular Malaysia. Learn why they selected ePHASORSIM over other HIL simulators.

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