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Real-time Simulation for Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control

As a result of recommendations implemented following the 2003 Northeast blackout, synchrophasor technology with Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) has become the focus of Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control (WAMPAC) applications within the power system industry. The technology is currently being used to provide real-time system monitoring and post-event analysis capabilities, but provides enormous potential for the further improvement of reliability and security through Wide Area Protection and Control (WAPC). However, the industry remains hesitant to implement WAPC in the field due to the high costs of implementing standard-compliant PMUs and communication networks.

Similarly, academics budgets rarely match the high costs of buying and running multiple PMU arrangements. Real-time simulation with OPAL-RT opens the door to synchrophasor, WAMPAC R&D and testing that goes well beyond current availabilities, all at lower costs and without the risk of physical tests.

WAMPAC Applications Webinar and Demo

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Synchrophasor technology and WAMPAC applications

Watch how OPAL-RT's latest innovations apply to Synchrophasor and WAMPAC applications.

Synchrophasor technology and WAMPAC applications

Dr. Mario Paolone from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne explains how he employs real-time simulation to validate PMU-based real-time processes

Synchrophasor technology and WAMPAC applications

Discover how OPAL-RT helps Dr. Luigi Vanfretti's HIL laboratory at KTH Royal Institute of Technology conduct WAMPAC research.

State-of-the-art Real-Time Simulation Suite

OPAL-RT offers a state-of-the-art suite of real-time power system simulation solutions for Synchrophasor and WAMPAC applications. PMUs can be integrated into Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations or emulated virtually within the simulation environment.

The schematic below offers a complete and typical laboratory for WAMPAC research including Virtual PMU libraries available through software from OPAL-RT.

Synchrophasor technology and WAMPAC applications HIL process

PMU Pre-Certification

Real-time simulation plays a vital role in design and control strategy for WAMPAC and PMU, and can also aid with PMU pre-certification. With accurate I/Os, time synchronization and communication protocols, Vizimax, a PMU manufacturer, received a plaque from the IEEE Standards Association confirming the full compliance of their PMU with the IEEE ™ C37.118.1 standard.

Synchrophasor technology and WAMPAC applications PMU Pre-Certification

Recommended OPAL-RT’s Power System for Real-Time Simulation

HYPERSIM provides engineers with complete tools to address the most complex power systems control challenges. Widely used by international industries, academic institutions and research centers, HYPERSIM offers a unique software interface dedicated to EMT power systems research. Use HYPERSIM's rich component library, including virtual PMUs, to easily and efficiently create detailed power systems models.

The only real-time phasor-based simulation on the market, ePHASORSIM is capable of simulating the transient stability of the world's largest power grids. ePHASORSIM performs real-time simulation in phasor domain in order to provide all points of measure, RMS Voltages and current information, as well as phase-like real phasor measurement unit (PMU) sensoring on a power grid.

eMEGASIM provides flexible, scalable, intuitive and affordable solutions that are adaptable to countless disciplines and applications. eMEGASIM runs on the RT-LAB real-time simulation platform, fully integrated with the industry-standard SimScape Power System interface for a minimal learning curve.

Testing and Validation of Power Systems Operations and Controls with Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

Learn in this webinar about the challenges and solutions when validating power systems operations and controls with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) methodologies—all in order to increase the reliability and efficiency of electrical grids.

Customer Success Stories

OPAL-RT delivered to TNB Research a real-time simulator for WAMPAC studies who has the capability to simulate 1500 single-phase electrical nodes with individual control of breakers and transformer tap changers.

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KTH is building SmarTS-Lab (Smart Transmission Systems-Laboratory) using OPAL-RT’s eMEGAsim Real-Time Power Grid Simulator. SmarTS-Lab will allow the assessment of research ideas by testing them within a “near-real-world” power network.

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