Energy Conversion Controls



Energy Conversion Controls

Evolving, innovative energy conversion systems are playing an increasingly critical role in the meeting of future energy needs. With greater control and communication complexity comes more sophisticated design and rigorous testing. Mostly importantly, energy conversion controls not only require testing and certification on a power electronic level, but must prove themselves in a complex ecosystem involving a complete power grid or plant that includes chemical or mechanical dynamics.

OPAL-RT provides powerful, real-time simulation solutions for electrical conversion, enabling customers to more quickly conduct precise and exhaustive testing on all controls, with both greater reliance and with minimal investment.

Industries and Energy Conversion Configurations

Renewable Energy Storage & Distribution

  • Micro grid
  • Controls & protections
  • DER (Distributed Energy Resources)

Electricity in Motion

  • Compressor
  • Propellers
  • Rolling mills
  • Pumps

Motion in Electricity

  • Wind turbines
  • Turbo generators
  • Hydro power
  • Wet renewables

Electricity into Electricity

  • Wind/solar PV
  • Railway substations
  • Pulse power supply
  • Soft starters

Electricity Power Conversion

  • MMC
  • HVDC

Low Voltage Ride Through (LVDT) Capability of Solar Energy Inverters Using an FPGA-based Real-Time Simulator

This Hardware-in-the-Loop demo consists of an inverter controller for grid-connected solar energies and an OP4510 real-time simulator. The controller, developed by the GREENLAB of Hefei University of Technology, is capable of low-voltage ride through–while the Electric Hardware Solver (eHS) is running on the OP4510, and simulates the entire grid-connected solar-energy inverter in real-time on the FPGA at a time step of less than 250 nanoseconds. The design of circuit schematic is done using the new OPAL-RT Schematic Editor.

The OPAL-RT Difference for Energy Conversion Control Real-time Simulation

Energy conversion controls testing tools - eHS

The Most Powerful FPGA Solver

Developed by OPAL-RT, eHS is a Real-Time Power Electronics Simulation solver providing the most intuitive FPGA real-time simulation in the industry. A convenient circuit schematic graphical user interface means, FPGA code is automatically generated and ported, making FPGA-based simulation accessible, powerful and easy.

Complete ECO-System for Real-Time Simulation

Electrical Converters and controls are part of a complex eco system that includes different electrical, chemical or mechanical dynamism. OPAL-RT combines the company’s finest power system and power electronic solvers into one simulation solution, capable of not only testing conversion controls, but also studying the complete ecosystem, mainly in a Matlab Simulink environment, powered by our flagship software: RT-LAB.

Energy conversion controls real-time simulation

Various Set of I/Os and Communication Protocols

OPAL-RT supports a comprehensive list of communication protocols from various industries, helping control design users create the most complete test experience of control communication layers. OPAL-RT provides not only the standard I/O required by the market, but specific I/Os specifically designed for electric drive control, including encoders and decoders, sophisticated PWM and triggered Analogs.

Recommended Real-Time Simulation Systems

With almost two decades of research and development in real-time simulation and hands-on experience in power electronics, OPAL-RT has delivered eFPGASIM, the industry’s most powerful and intuitive FPGA-based real-time solution. eFPGASIM combines the performance of high-fidelity digital simulators with very the low latency required for hybrid and electrical transportation testings and R&D.

eMEGASIM provides flexible, scalable, intuitive and affordable solutions for a multitude of disciplines and applications. Whether for industrial or academic use, the real-time simulation system can meet any requirement. eMEGASIM runs on the RT-LAB real-time simulation platform, fully integrated with the industry-standard SimScape Power System interface.

Customer Success Stories

ABB uses an OPAL-RT real time simulator to validate controls of medium voltage power converters.

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RWTH Aachen University uses OPAL-RT in a project that aims to modernize the European electricity grid.

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APERT uses an OPAL-RT system for FPGA simulation of matrix power converters.

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