Hardware overview



A Comprehensive Range of Scalable Hardware

Backed by decades of expertise in the development of innovative hardware solutions, OPAL-RT’s unique approach integrates parallel, distributed computing with commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, offering an unmatched combination of performance, openness and affordability.

OPAL-RT’s production and operations teams are ISO9000 certified for the manufacturing of PC/FPGA-based real-time simulators, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and rapid control prototyping (RCP) equipment.

Simulator Platforms

OPAL-RT offers a wide range of simulator platforms to meet all current industry needs and forthcoming challenges. All simulators are based on a modular and flexible design, and are fully customizable and expandable for specific I/O requirements.

Easily Expand Your OPAL-RT Simulator

OPAL-RT’s new Multi-System Expansion Link (MuSE) easily expands the I/O capability of the real-time simulators by enabling connection of multiple FPGA-based I/O expansion chassis.

  • Access remote I/O channels located up to 100 m away from your simulator over fiber optic high speed serial links (5Gbps)
  • Connect up to 4096 synchronized I/O Channels 
  • Use plug and play configuration to add up to 16 remote I/O chassis

Our Multi-System Expansion Link (MuSE) is available on most OPAL-RT platforms (OP4510 series, OP4200, OP5707 and OP5607), and the link is fully integrated in RT-LAB.

FPGA and I/O Expansion Box

Expand the amount of I/Os or communication networks of simulator platforms with OPAL-RT's wide selection of validated FPGA and I/O expansion boxes. Add multiple expansion boxes to increase simulator capabilities, while delivering the widest variety of test possibilities for different applications in various industries.

I/O Boards, Signal Conditioning, External Modules & Accessories

Additional I/O boards can be purchased individually and added to tailor system requirements and achieve the desired level of performance. Select components from the extensive list of I/O Boards, Signal Conditioning, External Modules & Accessories, all carefully preselected and configured by OPAL-RT’s team of engineering experts.

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