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Innovation-Ready Real-Time Digital Simulator

OPAL-RT offers the industry’s most complete, open and highest-performance real-time digital simulation solution for power systems. Not only does OPAL-RT cover every study for traditional power grid simulation, the company’s systems also provide unsurpassed scalability and flexibility to test any future devices involved in the innovation of power grids.

OPAL-RT’s power systems product line simulates everything from fast electromagnetic phenomenon to the transient stability of large power systems, all while enabling power systems engineers and scientists to innovate or optimize security, efficiency and performance and protection for the generation, transmission and distribution of power grids.

Leadership in Power System Real-Time Simulation Applications


OPAL-RT is dedicated to providing open, real-time simulation for power systems. The company’s platforms meet and exceed the new requirements of power systems professionals as the industry focuses increasingly on cybersecurity.


More complex systems mean more elaborate testing and the increased need for accurate data. Digital simulation in real-time enables researchers to study multiple scenarios in near-real conditions without risk, prior to deployment in the field.

Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC)

MMC is a distinctive topology offering distinct advantages, but also presents many new challenges. OPAL-RT’s testing platform is sufficiently versatile to support development and testing throughout the entire MMC production cycle.

Power System Controls

HIL has enabled effective testing of a wide variety of control systems, including HVDC, SVC, FACTS, PSS, TCSC and WAMPAC. OPAL-RT provides comprehensive HIL, SIL, and RCP solutions for the most sophisticated and demanding power system controls.

Protection Systems

HIL testing enables engineers to test real protection systems equipment under a wide-range of disturbance scenarios, while capturing interactions between protection systems and a simulated power system.

Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control

As synchrophasor technology with Phase Measurement Units (PMU) becomes the focus of Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control applications within the power systems industry, real-time simulation is an increasingly critical asset to innovation.

Power Generation

OPAL-RT has developed a powerful, compact and portable real-time simulator for conducting AVR, PSS and speed governor tests on actual, functioning, generating units and/or control modules in laboratories.

Onboard Power Systems

Onboard power systems have advanced significantly with the adoption of More Electrical Aircraft (MEA), All Electric Ships (AES) and electric high-speed rail within industry. OPAL-RT provides advanced solutions for the extensive testing required by these innovations.

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Four Pillars of Power System Real-Time Simulation

Designed by experts, for experts, HYPERSIM provides the most complete tool for addressing power system transient real-time simulation for protection and controls.

Interfacing with Simscape Power Systems eMEGASIM provides the flexible, scalable, and intuitive solutions for multiple disciplines and applications.

ePHASORSIM performs real-time simulation in phasor solver domain to provide electromechanical real-time results.

eFPGASIM extends power systems studies with rapid and detailed real-time simulation for power electronics. eFPGASIM is the fastest power electronics real-time simulator in the industry.

Power system real-time simulation _ frequency and period of transient phenomena simulated

Customer Success Stories

Hardware-in-the-loop test bench for flexible DC distribution network using RT-LAB and EFPGASIM.

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A research alliance led by Siemens Technology is evaluating how the largest Hawaiian island may be able to operate reliably with fewer conventional plants to facilitate up to 100% renewable energy with the help of an assistant system.

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RTE assembles a hardware-in-the-loop test facility in collaboration with Hydro-Québec and OPAL-RT.

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