Battery Management Systems

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Real-Time Simulation for Battery Management Systems


The OPAL-RT BMS Simulator architecture enables engineers to configure battery emulations using 6-cell cards, with optional galvanic isolation for each I/O channel. The simulator can emulate Simulink-based battery models. OPAL-RT simulators can also connect to high-power amplifiers to simulate real battery currents.


Working directly with BMS engineers, OPAL-RT is able to achieve high levels of safety for BMS simulations. OPAL-RT simulators cabinets are equipped with rear and front door switches that immediately cut power when opened. Complete high-voltage protection is also provided for all I/Os.

Battery Management Systems HIL Overview

Battery-Cell Cards

Functional block diagram for the 41-752 6-channel battery simulator

The Pickering 41-752 6-channel battery simulator module provides a hardware cell emulator. The card's main features include:

  • 750V independent isolation barriers
  • Up to 300mA output per channel
  • Battery charging emulation up to 100mA
  • Flexible architecture, enabling simulation of variable numbers of cells

Support of SimScape Power System Battery Model

OPAL-RT hardware directly simulates Simscape Power System battery models, configured to simulate most battery types (NiMH, LiON etc.) with different discharge characteristics. Voltage and current outputs can also be used to drive the Pickering 41-752 cell emulators.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how IAV Automotive used OPAL-RT real-time simulation for testing lithium-ion battery management systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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