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Perfect Partnership for offering Power Electronic and Power System HIL

OPAL-RT has partnered with NI a global leader in Test, Measurement, and Control Solutions in order to extend its real-time simulation offering its customers with even more accessible, cutting-edge, real-time simulation technology. NI’s modular hardware platforms and system design software – such as LabVIEW – help engineers do more, innovate faster, and easily integrate new technologies. Combined with OPAL-RT’s expertise in service integration, in HIL and PHIL testing in Power Electronics and Power systems, this partnership is enabling customers to solve the greatest engineering challenges with powerful platform-based systems that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability in Electric Vehicles

eHS, OPAL-RT’s solver that allows engineers to accurately test their designs much faster, is now available on several National Instruments' platforms. Learn more about the major announcements of the partnership between OPAL-RT and National Instruments, and the key characteristics that must be considered in order to ensure safety and reliability in electric vehicles.

On-Demand Turnkey HIL Test Benches

The alliance between NI and OPAL-RT offers customers the best of both worlds in regards of HIL testing. In addition to NI’s market leading test technology, OPAL-RT offers integration services a team of engineers, developers and experts, enabling the delivery of highly customized and complex test benches for the world’s most advanced applications, such as renewable energy conversion (photovoltaics, wind power, battery management and microgrid), industrial drive systems, electric drive transportation and power electronics research.

This joint offering delivers the performance of high-fidelity simulators with very low communication latency to provide power electronics engineers with a state-of-the-art HIL platform for the development and testing of control and protection systems.

Unrivaled FPGA-Based Performance

Benefit from the power of eHS on National Instruments hardware platform. OPAL-RT and National Instruments (NI) have partnered to bundle eHS within the NI hardware platform.

Power Electronics HIL Teaching Laboratory

Ready-To-Go Teaching Material

The Power Electronics HIL Teaching Laboratory by OPAL-RT is an educational courseware intended to university that enables students to experiment and learn power electronics, such as converters, rectifiers, and inverters, including the control logic with HIL and RCP Tools commonly used in innovative power electronics industry research and development.

The tutorial set is designed to work on OPAL-RT hardware and on the Compact NI. This association aims to reach the most OPAL-RT and NI Power Electronics students and teachers, and to create a community of users who can enhance their experience through mutual activities.

Proud Users of the Power Electronics HIL Teaching Laboratory

NI Grid Automation

OPAL-RT and NI now offer a customizable version of the Grid Automation System. This product offers infinite configurations of the programmable substation automation controller and intelligent electronic device. It was designed to simplify research involving electric substation monitoring and upgrades while improving measurement visibility. Built on NI’s Grid Automation System, this system leverages OPAL-RT’s dynamic engineering to offer research labs added flexibility In terms of I/O and software configurations.

Find out more on NI's grid automation box here.

Customer Testimonial

Socomec's innovative transfer switching equipment helps customers around the world to secure power supplies by safely transferring from an unstable or lost normal sources to an alternate supplies. The customized  test bench combining both NI and OPAL-RT technologies has allowed Socomec to accelerate its development cycle platform and is now is integral to their continuous controls integration & improvement.

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