Automotive Powertrain Emulation

Real Power to Test EV Powertrains

Test Real EV Inverters, DC-DC Converters and Battery Packs Safely… Without Boundaries

D&V and OPAL-RT combine leading-edge technology and innovative design to produce superior Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) simulation for EV/HEV motor drive inverters and DC power system test solutions.

PHIL for motor emulation and DC power testing is unquestionably changing the product development landscape in comparison to traditional analog test benches (Dyno Testing). PHIL simulation permits users to run a significant quantity of test cases incorporating multiple failure configurations previously inconceivable with traditional methods. It also enables full power testing without users in the vehicle and without real vehicle components.

Extend your EV/HEV control design and test strategy by including the same simulation tools from HIL validation in R&D to manufacturing and testing with the same software platform–and in the process decreasing product development costs, improving the product, and decreasing time to market.

Real Power In Your Laboratory

D&V’s power amplifiers and emulators are available with OPAL-RT’s real-time simulation–offering engineers greatly increased accuracy and testing capabilities. These dynamic technologies are ideal for simulating electric/hybrid vehicles and their components, such as battery packs, chargers, inverters, as well as high-voltage DC power systems.

Webinar: Testing the Future

D&V and OPAL-RT’s partnership enables unmatched test agility across the full EV development cycle. With the combination of OPAL-RT’s high-fidelity real-time simulation platforms and D&V’s state-of-the-art Power Emulator, we can convert a wider range of simulation than ever before from HIL to PHIL.

Highlights & Benefits

High Fidelity

OPAL-RT’s FPGA solution enables complete, fast, and high fidelity simulation of faults on many converters and motors, including: open-fault, short-circuit or gate-fault on any IGBT, possible motor open-line and line-line faults, DC-link faults, and resolver sensor non-idealistic behavior.


Equipped with three user-selectable operating modes, three user-selectable inputs/outputs, mast/slave capability, and high power – HIL compatibility, the DC emulator is ideal for existing and planned test labs.

Full Integration

OPAL-RT’s and D&V’s systems allow full vehicle system integration and component compatibility testing. The system has the ability to sweep at full power to frequencies that include the ripple of the emulated component, replace any electrical component, and accurately emulate its load through saved profiles or computer simulation.

PHIL Motor Emulator

D&V and OPAL-RT together provide a motor emulator that mimics all the characteristics of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM – IPM – SPM) in both motor and generation mode, at full power–with no moving parts and requiring very little maintenance.

The schematic describes the interaction between the D&V amplifier and the OPAL-RT FPGA-based simulator. The recirculated Power Flow of the D&V amplifiers helps to reduce the size of the amplifier and enhances power efficiency.

EV Powertrain PHIL testing - PHIL Motor Emulator
EV Powertrain PHIL testing - PHIL DC Bus Emulator

PHIL DC Bus Emulator

The increase in the size and complexity of DC power loads in EV/HEV automotive and More Electrical Aircraft has made engineers consider more flexible and outstanding equipment–such as the PHIL DC bus Emulator. The PHIL DC Bus Emulator is perfectly suited for dynamic testing of EV/HEVs, battery packs, chargers, converters, high voltage DC power systems, DC microgrid testing, among others.


D&V Electronics’ PHIL Motor and DC Emulators are compatible with OPAL-RT’s and NI’s systems.

The OP4512 is a compact, entry-level simulator that combines all of OPAL-RT’s strengths in high-performance Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

The OP5707XG offers an unequaled level of FPGA performance and optical connectivity to meet top-level requirements.

The PXI combines PCI electrical-bus features with the modular, Eurocard packaging of CompactPCI and then adds specialized synchronization buses and key software features.

OPAL-RT: The Partner You Can Trust

The world leader in HIL & PHIL

Unparalleled expertise in PC/FPGA-based Real-Time Digital Simulators, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment, and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems.

Over 15 years in the automotive industry

OPAL-RT has developed groundbreaking solutions for major OEMs, tier-ones and emerging players in the testing and development of 21st-century automotive technologies.

Thorough, unwavering support

From day one until your test bench is performing flawlessly, our expert technical support team will be there to help you solve your greatest engineering challenges.

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