Berta Test Bench


BERTATM Test Bench

BERTATM test bench is a safe, reliable and portable test bench for speed governors, turbines, voltage regulators (AVR) and power system stabilizers (PSS). Equipped with a high-performance real-time simulator programmed with world-renowned RT-LAB software, the BERTA test bench enables users to easily and comprehensively test real generating units in the power plant, synchronized and transmitting power to the main grid and/or on real controllers connected to a virtual generating unit in laboratory.

Models and modeling parameters used in stability analyses are often theoretical approximations based on typical models and values. By relying on concrete data obtained through both open and closed loop tests, BERTA makes it possible to accurately estimate and validate regulator, turbine and exciter system models. In addition, closed loop tests, which emulate islanded grid operation, can verify that the alternator under test contributes to the interconnected grid frequency stability.

Using the closed-loop feature, BERTA solution lets users build and validate an accurate dynamic simulation of an alternator in an islanded grid in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods.

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