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The Power System Simulator of Tomorrow

With the shift from centralized power generation to a grid featuring significant distributed energy resources (DER), the electric power grid is undergoing considerable change. Along with the integration of smart technologies, all with the potential to provide advanced real-time monitoring, control, and protection capabilities, this paradigm shift has dramatically increased the complexity of bulk and localized power systems. New technologies promise increased reliability and efficiency, but bring new and undeniable technological and integration challenges.

HYPERSIM® provides engineers with the right tools to address these challenges, all through an advanced real-time simulation platform featuring Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing. Whether developing, integrating or testing new components or systems which require HIL, or simply tired of waiting hours for a few seconds of simulation, HYPERSIM provides the solution.

HYPERSIM Real-Time Simulation

Discover HYPERSIM, the state-of-the-art solution combining intuitive software and cutting edge hardware tailored for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing for power electronics & power systems. From its open architecture to its high-speed parallel processing and modular scalability, this video will walk you through the main advantages of using HYPERSIM to perform power system studies, advanced education & training, and Hardware-in-the-Loop control & protection system testing. HYPERSIM enables the most demanding utilities, manufacturers and research centres to run faster, more realistic tests in order to meet the evolving requirements of the energy sector.

Overview of HYPERSIM Characteristics


Create informative charts, perform extensive and advanced calculations, and produce detailed PDF reports


Automate testing and analysis to quickly generate in-depth study reports in Excel or PDF format

Accelerated Simulation

Cut by manifolds the time required to complete a simulation

Example Models

Browse through a large number of example models in various fields of application

Benefit from a Simulator Backed by over 25 Years of Experience

HYPERSIM is the result of over 25 years of joint expert research by Hydro-Québec, Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE) and China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI). Since 2010, OPAL-RT has been continually developing HYPERSIM into the most high-performance real-time power system simulator available. OPAL-RT engineers continue to collaborate closely with Hydro-Québec, ensuring that HYPERSIM continues to be at the forefront of innovation. HYPERSIM is now the standard among national laboratories, industrial R&D centers and utilities in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Offering the Best in Real-Time Technologies through HYPERSIM


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power systems of over a thousand 3-phase buses, in real-time on a single simulator without sacrificing precision.


HYPERSIM provides the best price to performance ratio on the real-time simulator market.


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power grids on CPUs, and for very fast power electronics, such as MMC converters on FPGA.


Simulation type:EMT domain
Typical time step:Network solution: 10 - 100 μs
Switches and converters: 200 ns – 2 μs
Compatible modeling environments: HYPERSIM, Simulink, Simscape Power System
Maximum real-time network size:3,000 3-phase nodes (9,000 nodes)
Maximum non real-time network size:10,000 3-phase nodes (30,000 nodes)
Capability per CPU core:75 single-phase nodes @ 50 us (200 switches)
Features:• Automatic task mapping
• COMTRADE playback
• Test automation tool
• API: Python
• Load flow

Customer Success Stories

Read a presentation from Hydro-Québec on two decades of power system control studies with HYPERSIM.

Download PDF

RTE in France has been using HYPERSIM since 2012 to commission multiple SVC and HVDC systems.

Download PDF

For more than 10 years, Entergy has been using HYPERSIM in the validation and verification of Static Var Compensator (SVC) controls in their network.

Download PDF

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