The Power System Simulator of Tomorrow

Power grids are undergoing dramatic increases in complexity as we evolve from traditional, centralized power generation and radial distribution to 21st century grids featuring highly meshed networks, new HVDC interconnections, distributed energy resources (DER) and smart technologies.

HYPERSIM gives engineers the tools to tackle these challenges by providing a range of solvers and toolboxes specifically tailored to match the strictest performance and accuracy requirements in an extensive range of applications. With its efficient signal processing and powerful test automation capabilities, HYPERSIM helps engineers to model their network and run accelerated simulations on their personal computer before going to real-time for large-scale Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing.


HYPERSIM is a state-of-the-art and extensively field-tested simulation software platform for both power systems and power electronics. Its open, flexible and scalable architecture and high-speed parallel processing enable the most demanding utilities, manufacturers and research centers to run faster, more realistic tests in order to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of the energy sector. Watch the video to learn more!

Overview of HYPERSIM Main Characteristics

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM scopeview

Efficient Data Acquisition & Signal Processing

Create informative charts and quickly perform advanced calculations with ScopeView

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM test automation

Powerful Test Automation

Automate testing and analysis to rapidly generate in-depth study reports in Excel or PDF format with TestView

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM Unrivaled-Simulation-Acceleration

Unrivaled Simulation Acceleration

Reduce by several factors the time required to complete a simulation

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM Peerless-brute-force

Peerless Brute Force & Expandability

Experience the fastest and most reliable performance on the market

Proven Result Accuracy

Benefit from decades of expertise and validation against field tests and other simulation software

Extensive Application Range

Browse through a large number of example models in various fields of application

Discover the Power of HYPERSIM’s Features


Select the icons below to navigate and learn more about HYPERSIM’s features.

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM feature

PSCAD Import
Import models developed in PSCAD and accurately run them up to 1000 times faster before going to real time.

PSS®E Import
Import models developed in PSS®E and benefit from the precise yet very fast EMT simulation before going to real time.

Simulink Import
Pre-compile a Simulink model with tunable parameters and import it into any HYPERSIM model to run super fast before going to real time - best suited for controls.

EMTP Compatibility
(Almost) fully compatible with EMTP - thanks to our shared GUI, directly open any *.ecf design file without skipping a beat and run it as fast as possible before going to real time!

Static/Dynamic Library Interface
Load black-boxed models from various sources such as DLL, LIB, SO, A and FMU and simulate as fast as possible before going to real time.

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM - Simulator

Real-Time Simulation
Since its inception, HYPERSIM has been specifically designed for real-time performance to allow studies of power systems of any size and connecting to any number of equipment for HIL and PHIL simulations.

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM - accelerated simulation

Accelerated Simulation
Simulate faster than real time on any Windows desktop or laptop, allowing unlimited users to prepare their model and test scenarios before going to real time, from anywhere, without the need to be connected to a real-time simulator.

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM On Demand _Cloud-based simulation

Cloud-Based Simulation
HYPERSIM On Demand offers staggering performance gains over standard EMT simulation software, accelerating testing before going to real time on dedicated optimized hardware or even on the cloud directly for specific applications.

Unmatched Parallel Processing for Transmission
Leverage parallel processing to enable Real-Time simulation of electromagnetic transients of the largest of transmission systems, with several thousand nodes, at time steps of 20 to 50 us.

Brute Force Processing for Distribution Feeders
A powerful solver capable of simulating 615 nodes on 2 cores at 20 us - unprecedented performance - with no limitations on the type of components that can be used.

Fast Iterative Solver for Nonlinearities
Intelligent dynamic switching to an iterative solver whenever nonlinearities are detected, ensuring numerical stability and high accuracy of simulations at all times.

Dedicated Solver for Modular Multilevel Converters
A dedicated MMC solver offers various and mixed submodule types with a time step starting at 100 ns and up to 6000 cells per 6-valve converter and 4 converters per FPGA.

eHS | FPGA Electrical Toolbox
There is simply no faster solution to simulate high frequency transients than using FPGAs, and no better solver for simulating converters with PWM frequency exceeding 250 kHz than eHS.

Communication Network Emulation Toolbox
Integration with EXata CPS makes for the world's first and only power system and cybersecurity co-simulation testbed - perform in-depth studies into the impact of communication systems and cyberattacks on the grid.

Distributed Energy Resources
From a PV Panels database of 17,000+ commercial models to the most common and uncommon battery chemistries, we have your microgrid and renewables integration needs covered.

Voltage Source Converters
We offer a full suite of VSC models with performance and accuracy optimized for all applications, as well as expert guidelines on how to select the right VSC modeling technique.

Develop and validate all levels of power-electronics driven transmission technologies control with our in-depth FACTS and HVDC models.


Switches and Breakers
Choose from all the most common switch and breaker models required in power system modeling as well as programmable fault models facilitating testing of the system.

Machines & Sources
Integrate all manner of synchronous and asynchronous machines models and simulate internal faults, we have your conventional generation and motors needs covered.

Lines and Cables
Form your network with a variety of line and cable models, some with embedded fault capability, designed with performance and accuracy-optimized modeling techniques for all applications.

Transformers and Instrument Transformers
A large library of transformer models, some with embedded fault, saturation and/or tap changing capabilities, giving flexibility and optimizing simulation performance.

RLC, Filters and Loads
All common RLC and filter models as well as more advanced load models such as arc furnaces and dynamic loads that can be used to represent portions of power systems including combinations of loads.

Protection Relays
Build complex schemes in combination with real protection relays with our selection of ANSI/IEEE protection relay models.

IEEE Machine Controls
Benefit from our library of IEEE Standard Exciters, Governors, and Stabilizers or design your own controls using the standard models as reference instead of starting from scratch.

Signal Sources, Logic Operations, Math Operations, Measurements and more allow you to build control algorithms as specialized or complex as your application requirements.

User-Defined Models
Still don't see what you need? Then easily develop both electrical and control user-defined models that can directly access the admittance matrix for efficient simulation.

Load Flow Analysis
A time-saving algorithm allows initializing network conditions to start the simulation in steady state.

A menu allows for consulting, editing, and comparing all network and load flow related parameters in one place.

Automatic Parallelization
An intelligent and time-saving algorithm automatically splits the network and assigns tasks to all available cores.

Link parameter values across the network, such as breaker timing or load levels, to facilitate modeling.

Communication Protocols
Connect any number of assets using our supported communication protocols, boasting a high degree of connection scalability without the need for additional hardware.

Analog and Digital I/O Boards
OPAL-RT simulators support a wide range of analog and digital I/O boards that can match all of your voltage range, speed, resolution and scalability needs.

Playback field-recorded or ScopeView-generated COMTRADE files on analog and digital channels or using IEC 61850 to validate control and protection equipment.

Time Series
Add dynamic time series variables, such as wind, irradiance, state of charge or temperature to your simulation by playback of CSV files.

Precision Timing
HYPERSIM offers various high-definition precision timing solutions to synchronize one or multiple simulations as well as external devices.

Easy I/O Management
A simplified I/O interface configuration menu allows you to quickly and comprehensively create and edit all simulator inputs and outputs from the same location.

Simulation Results Analysis
Display, analyze and compare waveforms acquired from any signal generated within the simulation or device under test, or imported from other sources.

Dashboard Building
Build HMI using NI LabVIEW or any other tools equipped with compatible I/O interfaces such as TCP/UDP, OPC UA or other SCADA protocols.

In-Schematic Monitoring
Monitor any number of signal values directly in the schematic while the simulation is running, or compare values in a summary table or time graph.

Network Conditions Snapshot
Snapshot can be used to accelerate testing by forcing previously saved network conditions at any time during simulation.

Scenarios and Events: On-the-Fly Parameter Modification
Modify almost any parameter values, anytime, while the simulation is running, greatly facilitating testing of any scenario that comes to mind.

IEC 61850 Data Integrity Manipulation
Manipulate data streams directly through a convenient interface to emulate various communication network issues such as packet drops and duplication.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring
Get full transparency over your simulation performance, helping you get the most out of the available resources and maintain timing oversight in real time.

Data Logging
A built-in data logging system records and saves to file as many signals as desired from the very first step of the simulation, enabling simulation results archiving.

Python API
Integrate HYPERSIM into existing applications, or automate test flows and processes with a Python API that gives full control over the software and simulator.

The industry-leading test automation tool allows users to quickly prepare complex test sequences, enhancing coverage and guaranteeing reproducibility.

IEEE Standardized Sequences
HIL-ready, predefined test sequences with automated report generation for protection relays that are based on the IEEE 60255 standard, saving you time and effort.

Boost Your Testing Capabilities

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM withe eHS

Nanosecond Real-Time Simulation

OPAL-RT welcomes you to a new era in power systems and power electronics simulation. HYPERSIM is bringing power electronics and power system real-time simulation to the next level with eHS, our nanosecond power electronics solver. Watch the video >

Power system simulation software - HYPERSIM On Demand


HYPERSIM On Demand, the simulation platform that enables parallel execution of simulation tests on multiple cloud simulators, also offers staggering performance gains over standard EMT simulation software and enables cloud-based HIL for specific applications. Watch the video >

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM with testview


TestView provides a test automation tool specifically developed to accelerate testing, perform exhaustive analysis and guarantee test reproducibility. Integrated with HYPERSIM®, TestView enables additional cost-savings, as no additional testing software integration is required. Watch the video >

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM with scopeview


ScopeView is used for signal visualization, data analysis and monitoring. In both real-time and offline modes, ScopeView displays, analyzes and compares waveforms acquired from various environments, data acquisition systems and field equipment. Watch the video >

Benefit from a Simulator Backed by over 25 Years of Experience

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM

HYPERSIM is the result of over 25 years of joint expert research by Hydro-Québec, Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE) and China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI). Since 2010, OPAL-RT has been continually developing HYPERSIM into the most high-performance real-time power system simulator available. OPAL-RT engineers continue to collaborate closely with Hydro-Québec, ensuring that HYPERSIM continues to be at the forefront of innovation. HYPERSIM is now the standard among national laboratories, industrial R&D centers and utilities in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Power system simulation software HYPERSIM Partners

Offering the Best in Real-Time Technologies through HYPERSIM

highlights of our powerful simulation software for power systems

Power system simulation software powerful HYPERSIM


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power systems of over a thousand 3-phase buses, in real-time on a single simulator without sacrificing precision.

Power system simulation software efficient HYPERSIM


HYPERSIM provides the best price to performance ratio on the real-time simulator market.

Power system simulation software fast HYPERSIM


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power grids on CPUs, and for very fast power electronics, such as MMC converters on FPGA.

Simulator Platforms - new may 2024
Simulator Platforms

OPAL-RT offers a wide range of simulator platforms to meet all current industry needs and forthcoming challenges. All simulators are based on a modular and flexible design, and are fully customizable and expandable for specific I/O requirements.

Computer and FPGA-based Simulators


Compact Entry-Level Simulator

CPU Model Size
FPGA Model Size


Compact Mid-Range Simulator

CPU Model Size
FPGA Model Size
OP5705XG real-time simulation hardware


Versatile Real-Time Simulator

CPU Model Size
Artix®-7 FPGA, 200T


Flagship Real-Time Simulator

CPU Model Size
FPGA Model Size
Computer-based Simulators
OP5020XG Simulation Hardware


Powerful Computing

CPU Model Size
OP5025XG Simulation Hardware


Very Powerful Computing

CPU Model Size
OP5033XG Simulation Hardware


Brute Force Computing

CPU Model Size


Simulation type:EMT domain
Typical time step:Network solution: 5 - 100 μs
Switches and converters: 200 ns – 2 μs
Compatible modeling environments: HYPERSIM, Simulink®, Simscape Electrical™, PSCAD, PSS®E and EMTP®
Maximum tested real-time network size:9,000 3-phase nodes (27,000 nodes)
Maximum non real-time network size:Unlimited

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Power system simulation software HYPERSIM download



Download the HYPERSIM software package to simulate the largest of power systems, even with thousands of 3-phase buses, in real-time on a single simulator without sacrificing precision.
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Power system simulation software HYPERSIM video tutorial

Video Tutorials

This series of videos will help you get started with the HYPERSIM software interface. Learn how easy it is to install HYPERSIM on your computer, run a model offline and in real-time, and work the basic features of ScopeView.
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Power system simulation software HYPERSIM support



Need Help? Contact our support team for assistance, or browse our support services page.
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Smart Inverter Control Toolbox

The Smart Inverter Control Toolbox provides control & protection systems based on IEEE 1547‐2018 Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources. It includes current controllers, power controllers, protection functions, and configurable grid support functions, as well as support for communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and Modbus TCP. Available with HYPERSIM, this toolbox enables Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) of smart inverter controllers, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) tests of real control & protection hardware interfaced to smart inverters, or Offline simulation of smart inverter applications.

Disclaimer: Natural Resources Canada owns all intellectual property rights in the Smart Inverter Modeling Toolbox software

Proud Users of HYPERSIM

In one of the most ambitious and exciting engineering projects in Europe, OPAL-RT provided the MMC Test Benches and was closely involved in their integration and implementation.

Download PDF

Read about the co-simulation project that integrated OPAL-RT and RTDS’ real-time simulators

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OPAL-RT is proud to be the simulation platform provider for the DynaGrid Control Center (DGCC), the power grid control center of the future.

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