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Precise Algorithm for Nonlinear Elements in Large-Scale Real-Time Simulator

Author : Olivier TREMBLAY, Martin FECTEAU, Pascal PRUD’HOMME

​This paper presents an iterative nodal solver for nonlinearities implemented in Hydro-Québec’s real-time simulation software. The proposed algorithm, based on fixed-point iteration, combined with the latest supercomputer technology allow precise simulation of nonlinear models with an extra simulation cost per additional iteration of less than 25%. Simulation results for part of the Gaspésie transmission system, where precise nonlinear modeling primary serves to represent overvoltage accurately, show faster than real-time execution for tasks containing many dozens of nodes and hundreds of elements. Moreover, due to numerous nonlinear elements (surge arresters and magnetic saturation of power transformers), the iteration method is required to get results without numerical instability.