OPAL-RT Turnkey HIL Test Benches

The increasing complexity of, and regulations surrounding, embedded controllers within the aerospace, automotive and power system industries poses new challenges for manufacturers and suppliers seeking to decrease production costs and time-to-market for new products or optimizing certification processes. Companies require specialized, yet cost-efficient test benches capable of representing engineering systems with high fidelity, regardless of complexity. Complicating matters further, the shift towards electrical onboard systems within the aerospace and automotive industries has brought about the need for test environments capable of modeling high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena not found in most mechanical systems. Closed-loop test benches, such as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) units, provide the most extensive test case coverage, unmatched by traditional open-loop systems. While necessary, test benches are often costly and time-consuming to implement in-house, diverting resources away from core projects.

OPAL-RT provides HIL and SIL Turnkey Test Benches to precisely fit devices, all while meeting technical, budgetary and project management requirements. See how OPAL-RT has consistently satisfied a growing customer base, including Pratt & Whitney, Embraer, Delphi Automotive, Plastic Omnium and many other organizations.


HIL and SIL Turnkey Test Bench

Personalized and Efficient Project Management

The OPAL-RT engineering team delivers a test bench precisely designed for customers' needs within 12 weeks, all while maintaining accurate cost control. Each test bench undergoes a Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR) and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and thus no surprises on delivery. OPAL-RT also offers specialized onsite Site Acceptance Testing, installation and commissioning.

Only the Best

Each OPAL-RT test bench includes at least one state-of-the-art real-time simulator, connected to the device under test by custom interfacing boxes and cable harnesses, precisely designed by our experts for each customer's specifications. For further testing customization and facilitation, a large number of OPAL-RT and third-party systems, including power amplifiers, fault insertion units (FIUs), load boxes, break out boxes (BOBs), battery simulators and programmable resistances, are available. All test benches are certified to meet electrical safety standards prior to shipping.

Vertical Integration to Optimal Customization

OPAL-RT’s vertical integration provides access to the company's team of engineers, developers and experts, enabling the delivery of highly customized and complex test benches for the world’s most advanced embedded controllers. Whether the requirement is for customized signal conditioning boards, advanced FPGA and CPU models, communication protocol support, automated test scripts or custom user interfaces (UIs), OPAL-RT is ready for any test bench challenge.

Aerospace Test Bench: Develop, Test and Validate your ECUs

The increasing complexity and regulations surrounding, embedded controllers within the aerospace industry poses new challenges for manufacturers and suppliers seeking to decrease production costs and time-to-market for new products or optimizing certification processes. In this webinar, discover how real-time simulation combined with our testbench architecture provided a flexible and comprehensive development, test, and validation environment.


    Pratt & Whitney Canada has been working with OPAL-RT since fall, 1999, when we won a contract to supply applications and associated control system to a major transport equipment manufacturer.

    This tool allowed us to develop and test the control system in an expeditious manner to meet an aggressive project schedule. Since then, the system has successfully progressed from design and validation phases through first engine run to low-speed and high-speed track testing. Throughout the project, we have been very satisfied with both the RT-LAB software and the real-time consulting services from OPAL-RT.