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Conditioning and Monitoring

Conditioning of signals and monitoring provide regularized I/O as well as assurance that your configuration is performing to the highest levels required for standards and safety performance.

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I/O Conditioning Modules

32 channels digital IO board, DIn programmable 0-50V, DOut TTL/LVTTL

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High-Speed Digital IO with FIU

16 channels analog IO conditioning board, AIn differential ±60V, AOut differential ±10V

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Analog IO with FIU

32 channels module, with IO and no conditioning

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Passthrough with FIU

Mapping and interconnection

The OP8615-2 break-out box provides easy access to all signals on the I/O connectors.

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Break-Out Box

16 channels analog IOconditioning chassis for 4 OP8E00 modules

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Desktop connection interface

250VDC Digital output controlled relays

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High-voltage Solid State Relays

Modular Breakout System that combines a breakout box features with added flexibility and an fault insertion unit

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Pickering Breakout System