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Conditioning and Monitoring

Conditioning of signals and monitoring provide regularized I/O as well as assurance that your configuration is performing to the highest levels required for standards and safety performance.

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I/O Conditioning Modules

32 channels digital IO board, DIn programmable 0-50V, DOut TTL/LVTTL

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High-Speed Digital IO with FIU

16 channels analog IO conditioning board, AIn differential ±60V, AOut differential ±10V

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Analog IO with FIU

32 channels module, with IO and no conditioning

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Passthrough with FIU

Mapping and interconnection

8-slot analog IO conditioning chassis

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OP8120 MSCC 
Modular high-power analog conditioning

Custom hardware conditioning and wiring solutions integrating all load elements

OP8600 Custom Load Box

Custom hardware conditioning and wiring solutions designed to match with ECU electrical schematics

OP8600 Interconnection Box

Electronic equipment for manual circuit fault (open circuit and short circuit) testing and monitoring

OP8610 Breakout Box

The OP8615-2 break-out box provides easy access to all signals on the I/O connectors.

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Break-Out Box

16 channels analog IOconditioning chassis for 4 OP8E00 modules

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Desktop connection interface

250VDC Digital output controlled relays

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High-voltage Solid State Relays

Modular Breakout System that combines a breakout box features with added flexibility and an fault insertion unit

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Pickering Breakout System

Protection and Monitoring

Current Differential Relay. Application for up to four winding transformers. DNP3 and IEC61850 GOOSE communication.

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Gentec ALP-4000
Multi-Function Protection Relay