Pragmatic Real-Time Simulation on FPGA for Modern Electronic Systems

Real-time simulation of power electronics remains one of the greatest challenges to HIL simulation. The I/O capability for capturing PWM frequency, the overall latency of the closed-loop simulation, and mathematical solving of coupled switches and fault injection on all stages of complex power electronics schematics are just some of the complexities of this evolving industry.

After two decades of real-time simulation research and development, together with hands-on experience with power electronics, OPAL-RT has delivered eFPGASIM, the industry’s most powerful and intuitive FPGA-based real-time solution. eFPGASIM combines the performance of high-fidelity digital simulators with very low communication latency to provide power electronics engineers with a state-of-the-art HIL platform for the development and testing of control and protection systems.

Go Beyond with eFPGASIM Ecosystem Testing

eFPGASIM system allows engineers to go further on their tests due to its integration with other products, such as: 

    • eMEGASIM, which allows users to connect their power electronics device from a microgrid to a very large power grid.

    • ePHASORSIM, to interact with and address the integration of renewables and the progressively overloaded transmission network, cybersecurity concerns, and the complexity of operation, monitoring, and control and protection on power grids.

    • A full and well-documented API, allowing users to interact with other applications, such as Python, TestStand, labVIEw, C++ and Java.

FPGA-based real-time simulation syetems

eFPGASIM Power Electronics Toolbox

eHS provides a convenient user interface that enables users to import real-time models, created using the simulation tool of your choice, with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The Electric Machine Library is the ideal platform for designing and testing controllers. It includes detailed mathematical machines of different types of electrical machines.

RT-XSG is used to edit custom FPGA configurations, and to transfer high-bandwidth data between the real-time simulation models and the user-defined code running on eFPGASIM.

FPGA-based real-time simulation Power Electronics Toolbox

FPGA Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Models

FPGA-based real-time simulation MMC Models

The MMC FPGA blockset developed by OPAL-RT simulates the MMC of various submodule topologies with very high fidelity and unbeatable efficiency. The model can be seamlessly integrated into a complex electric circuit simulated in eMEGASIM, HYPERSIM and eHS. Like other eFPGASIM’s blocksets, the MMC FPGA blockset is directly accessible from the MATLAB/Simulink® by the users, who can further edit the model and produce their own FPGA firmware through the RT-XSG function blocks for integrating special I/O interface or customized control algorithm in the loop.

eFPGASIM for Electrical Transportation

FPGA real-time simulation eFPGASIM for Electrical Transportation

Watch this video to witness the combined testing of control and protection system performance of high fidelity eFPGASIM digital simulator with very low communication latency to provide power electronic engineers with a state-of-the-art HIL platform for the development of electric drives with sub-microsecond time step.

NI Offer

Benefit from the power of eFPGASIM on NI's hardware platform. OPAL-RT and NI have partnered to bundle eFPGASIM within the NI hardware platform, offering complete compatibility with LabVIEW and the Veristand environment.


Simulation type:EMT domain
Typical time step:200 ns – 2 μs
Compatible modeling environments: Simulink, Simscape Power System, PLECS, PSIM and NI Multisim
Capability per FPGA:288 states/ 128 switches*
Features:• Automatic scripting
• FPGA compilation not required
• 200 kHz PWM I/O
• Rich library of electrical motors

*Variable according to the selected eHS series. Visit the eHS webpage for more information.

Customer Success Stories

Valeo uses an OPAL-RT simulator to develop innovative powertrain solutions.

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Ford Motor Company: Hybrid Driveline Design & Control.

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ABB uses an OPAL-RT real time simulator to validate controls of medium voltage power converters.

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