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Expand and Enhance Your Real-Time Simulation Platform With OPAL-RT’s Toolboxes

OPAL-RT toolboxes provide solutions for specialized application areas. It feature specialized solvers, libraries, utilities, communications and interoperability tools, and blocksets designed for real-time simulation platforms such as RT-LAB, HYPERSIM and NI’s Veristand.

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The perfect toolbox for ultra-fast power conversion test applications.

Compatible with Simscape Electrical™, ARTEMiS users can obtain realistic results, in real-time.

ePHASORSIM enables precise simulation of large-scale networks with real-time performance.

ORCHESTRA allows various simulation tools to speak with one another seamlessly.

Ready to use Simulink blocks for FPGA Hardware-in-the-Loop and Rapid Control Prototyping simulation.

ScopeView displays, analyzes and compares waveforms acquired from various environments, data acquisition systems and field equipment.

Gain productivity: Perform exhaustive tests, accelerate testing, increase reporting speed, and guarantee test reproducibility.

RT-EVENTS is a Simulink toolbox for the simulation of high frequency modulation signals of firing pulse units and power electronic controls.

The Software Platforms Perfect for Your Needs

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Multi-Domain | Simulink-Based

Fully integrated with MATLAB/Simulink®, RT-LAB provides flexibility and scalability to achieve the most complex real-time simulation applications in the automotive, aerospace, power electronics, and power systems industries, among others

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Power Systems

HYPERSIM provides advanced real-time monitoring, control, and protection capabilities. Through powerful real-time simulation platform testing, HYPERSIM models, prototypes, simulates, and tests power systems using a proven, robust and flexible suite of tools.


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