Power System and Power Electronics Simulator for Development and Testing of Control and Protection Equipment

 eMEGASIM provides the flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and affordable solutions that are adaptable to multiple disciplines and applications. Whether for industry or academia, users can build real-time simulation systems, precisely suited for current and future needs.

 Ensure long-term return on investment with eMEGASIM’s cost-effective solutions for real-time power system and power electronics simulation including hardware in the loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) capabilities.

eMEGASIM Benefits

Versatile and Adaptable

From transmission and distribution networks to power converters and motors, eMEGASIM provides an all-in-one Simulink based environment for R&D and testing. Its flexible and customizable platform adapts to a wide variety of disciplines and applications. OPAL-RT’s range of hardware, software and protocol options also ensure the expansion capabilities necessary for growth and diversification.

Minimum Ramp-up

eMEGASIM runs on the RT-LAB real-time simulation platform, which is fully integrated with the easy-to-use, industry-standard Simscape Power System, formerly SimPowerSystems, interface. This ensures the briefest ramp-up time upon initial acquisition, while saving time on an on-going basis due to the platform’s familiarity to many students and new employees.


Scalable from 6 to 64 processors, and using very fast 10 Gbits/s communications links, eMEGASIM can simulate models with time steps as low as 10 μs, ensuring fast and accurate results. When combined with FPGA co-processors and OPAL-RT’s RT-XSG blockset, simulation time steps can be reduced to the nanoseconds range.

eMEGASIM Software Components


The fastest, most accurate solvers for eMEGASIM applications. ARTEMiS and ARTEMiS-SSN solvers and algorithms eliminate artificial delays, while using advanced decoupling techniques for added speed and efficiency.


RT-LAB is an advanced simulation control platform that includes a complete design library for all applications and industries. Use RT-LAB to edit, compile, load, execute and analyze models.


RT-EVENTS is a Simulink toolbox offering improved speed and accuracy for discrete simulation of event-based systems. It is ideal for the simulation of high frequency modulation signals used with Firing Pulse Units and converter controls. RT-EVENTS compensates for the errors introduced when events occur between samples, and supports distributed real-time simulation. 

eMEGASIM offers direct platform compatibility with ePHASORSIM and eFPGASIM, procuring maximum versatility from large power grid simulation to highly detailed power electronic simulation.

Customer Success Stories

An OPAL-RT real-time simulator performs the execution of highly detailed, dynamic power grid models on powerful processors.

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MIT is involved in the development of a real-time hardware-in-the-loop power systems simulation

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