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OPAL-RT Academy

Since 1997, OPAL-RT Academy has delivered practical and theoretical training on crucial tools and methodologies for real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of critical systems to hundreds of engineering students and professionals. OPAL-RT Academy helps students develop the skills to:

  • Quickly and efficiently set up real-time simulators
  • Properly select and use mathematical solvers for specific simulation applications
  • Learn about the processes behind simulating complex systems
  • Reinforce their lessons with extensive hands-on workshops

Course Levels

OPAL-RT Academy’s teachers are carefully selected from experienced professionals to offer the best training experience. Different levels of courses are include:

    • Fundamental Courses, covering the essentials of real-time simulation and a detailed overview of OPAL-RT’s two most important technologies: RT-LAB and HYPERSIM

    • Application-Oriented Courses, covering OPAL-RT’s complete product portfolio, but based on our two main simulation platforms: RT-LAB and HYPERSIM
    • New! Application-Oriented Courses covering the basics of IEC 61850

    • Advanced Courses, intended for users who have already acquired a basic knowledge of our Fundamental and Application-Oriented courses.

    • Custom Training, that is personalized to your exact needs.

Download our Brochure

Find out more about OPAL-RT Academy’s available programs. Download the complete OPAL-RT Academy brochure:

Training Format

OPAL-RT Academy’s instructors are carefully selected from experienced professionals, available to travel to your location. A variety of course formats are available:

  • Head Office Trainings – at OPAL-RT’s offices
  • On-Site Trainings – at your location
  • E-Learning


OPAL-RT offers certification programs for students completing the Fundamental, Application-Oriented and Advanced Courses.

Fundamentals of Real-Time Simulation Certificate

Application-Oriented Real-Time Simulation Certificate

Advanced Real-Time Simulation Certificate

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