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OPAL-RT Academy

Since 1997, OPAL-RT Academy has delivered practical and theoretical training on crucial tools and methodologies for real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of critical systems to hundreds of engineering students and professionals. OPAL-RT Academy helps students develop the skills to:

  • Quickly and efficiently set up real-time simulators
  • Properly select and use mathematical solvers for specific simulation applications
  • Learn about the processes behind simulating complex systems
  • Reinforce their lessons with extensive hands-on workshops

Online Training – Take Your Skills to the Next Level and Get The Most Out of Your Real-Time Simulator

OPAL-RT online training gives users continued access to the best training on our real-time simulation platforms—with interactive content now available online. Register now >

Real-Time simulation Fundamentals with RT-LAB

This course introduces OPAL-RT systems and applications using RT-LAB, including power electronics and power systems with eMEGASIM, eFPGASIM, and ePHASORSIM.

Introduction to Power Systems Real-Time Simulation with HYPERSIM

This course teaches the basics of the HYPERSIM real-time simulator and its operating principles.

Introduction to Power Electronics Real-Time Simulation with OPAL-RT Add-On for NI VeriStand

This course covers the configuration of a real-time system using the OPAL-RT Power Electronics Add-On for NI VeriStand on the NI hardware platform.

HYPERSIM Advanced Applications and Optimizations

In the HYPERSIM Advanced Applications and Optimizations training, users will learn techniques for test automation, CPU and FPGA Simulation, benchmarking and optimizing a model, and much more.

Course Levels

OPAL-RT Academy’s teachers are carefully selected from experienced professionals to offer the best training experience. Different levels of courses are include:

    • Fundamental Courses, covering the essentials of real-time simulation and a detailed overview of OPAL-RT’s two most important technologies: RT-LAB and HYPERSIM

    • Application-Oriented Courses, covering OPAL-RT's complete product portfolio, but based on our two main simulation platforms: RT-LAB and HYPERSIM
    • New! Application-Oriented Courses covering the basics of IEC 61850

    • Advanced Courses, intended for users who have already acquired a basic knowledge of our Fundamental and Application-Oriented courses.

    • Custom Training, that is personalized to your exact needs.

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Training Format

OPAL-RT Academy’s instructors are carefully selected from experienced professionals, available to travel to your location. A variety of course formats are available:

  • Head Office Trainings – at OPAL-RT’s offices
  • On-Site Trainings – at your location
  • E-Learning


OPAL-RT offers certification programs for students completing the Fundamental, Application-Oriented and Advanced Courses.

Fundamentals of Real-Time Simulation Certificate

Application-Oriented Real-Time Simulation Certificate

Advanced Real-Time Simulation Certificate

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