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Teaching the Future

Based on both years of research and experience in power electronics and power systems, and through listening to the users’ needs, OPAL-RT now offers Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) Teaching Laboratories to universities in an efficient, reliable and affordable way.

Our Teaching Laboratories are composed of educational courseware that include software, hardware and customizable exercises.

Power Electronics Hardware-in-the-Loop Teaching Laboratory

Ready-To-Go Teaching Material

The Power Electronics HIL Teaching Laboratory by OPAL-RT is educational courseware intended for universities enabling students to experiment and learn power electronics, such as converters, rectifiers, and inverters, including the control logic with HIL and RCP Tools commonly used in innovative power electronics industry research and development.

The tutorial set is designed to work on OPAL-RT hardware and on the Compact NI. This association aims to reach the most OPAL-RT and NI Power Electronics students and teachers, and to create a community of users who can enhance their shared experience through mutual activities.

HIL and RCP Simulation Systems Laboratory

Choosing the appropriate methodology and equipment is a crucial decision for students in the field of electrical machinery, power converters and wind energy generation. To help make the most of their courses, OPAL-RT and Lab-Volt offer the perfect solution for universities to fully teach the V-Cycle principles in a safe testing environment. The laboratory was designed to allow students to build their own models and validate them in a real system, thus having hands-on experience on the integration between hardware and software.

The Latest Technology Laboratories to Improve your Classes

Similarity to Industrial Environment

OPAL-RT's laboratories allow students to be up-to-date with the most modern, current industrial working techniques

Interactivity and Versatility

OPAL-RT’s laboratory modules include hands-on exercises, allowing students to design and test their concepts, and save time during the validation of their projects

Lower maintenance time and cost

Universities that adopt OPAL-RT's laboratories reduce their analog lab equipment, resulting in lower maintenance time and cost

Proud Users of OPAL-RT’s Teaching Laboratories

Universities around the world are rapidly adopting HIL technology in their programs in order to leverage their engineering education. Watch OPAL-RT's webinar that features a presentation, a live demo, and two special guests from Ohio State University and the University of New South Wales who presented how they succeed by using OPAL-RT's teaching laboratories in their education programs.

OPAL-RT is present in more than 400 universities around the world

Discover our Solutions for Research

OPAL-RT Research aims to provide the best support for universities, professors and students to achieve their goals with excellence and efficiency in their research on Integration Energy, WAMPAC, Microgrid and Cybersecurity. We support them by providing our expertise in publications, validation and assistance in funding applications requests.

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