Installation part 2 – Keysight Licenses

OP213: Integration of EXata CPS with RT-LAB / HYPERSIM

This course covers the cyber-physical co-simulation setup between Keysight’s EXata CPS and OPAL-RT’s RT-LAB / HYPERSIM. Learn how to install EXata CPS on your computer, license the software, and go through step-by-step examples on how to implement faults, cyber attacks and integrate both software.

- Learn how to install and configure the EXata CPS software
- Go through different step-by-steps showing how to couple the two software
- Implement your first cyber-attacks and analyze the impacts
- Connect an external device to your co-simulation setup

Note: it is highly recommended to start with the course "Knowledge Box: Introduction to Linux, Networks, and more!" before starting the course.

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Installation part 2 - Keysight Licenses

Table of Contents:

[00:15] License Setup
[02:38] Entitlement Certificate
[03:47] Keysight Software Manager
[04:08] KSM - Home Page
[06:00] KSM - Add New Certificate
[06:44] KSM - Request (Redeem) New License
[09:59] Installing Node-Locked License (GUI)
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