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OPAL-RT has improved the user experience when using multiple simulators, remote targets or when requiring clustered machines for increased I/O or other capabilities. This high-speed link is referred to as MuSE (Multi-System Expansion link).Irène Pérès, MuSE’s Product Owner at OPAL-RT, recently joined us to speak about the incredible power, flexibility, versatility and user-friendliness of this special add-on—that is so much more than just an expansion kit.Interviewer (IV): Thanks for joining us, Irène! I have a partial Read More
What is eHS: The Nanosecond Power Solver?“The OPAL-RT electric Hardware Solver (eHS) is a powerful floating-point solver… that enables users to simulate an electric circuit on an FPGA automatically, without having to write the mathematical equations.”“It combines the simplicity of building electric circuit models using the new OPAL-RT Schematic Editor, SimPowerSystems Toolbox, PSIM, the PLECS Blockset, or NI Multisim software with the strength of OPAL-RT FPGA-based simulators to solve the currents and voltages within the Read More

Traveling Wave Relay Testing

Posted on January 28, 2019
When we last spoke with Shijia Li, in November, she told us about Protection Relay Testing. She has since been made team leader for Protection and Smart Grid team within OPAL-RT’s AXES (Application, eXpertise and Electrical Simulation) division. This time, she is speaking to OPAL-RT Product News about OPAL-RT’s HIL Traveling Wave Test System.—Interviewer (IV): “Hello Shijia. First, can you tell us when we introduced the Traveling Wave test system?”Shijia Li (SL): “We developed it about 1.5 years ago.”IV: “Our software has Read More
“The Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) system offers many advantages over conventional voltage source converters and in DC power transmission, microgrid or renewable energy applications. MMC’s distinctive topology provides a wide variety of new features, necessitating the use of a sophisticated controller for extra control requirements.”For this article, we spoke with Wei Li, currently working in OPAL-RT’s AXES (Application eXpertise and Electrical Simulation) department, with the team focusing on HVDC tools. He is working on developing MMC (modular multi-level Read More

Protection Relay Testing with HYPERSIM

Posted on November 30, 2018
HYPERSIM is a high-end modelling and simulation platform intended for those managing and supporting large-scale power networks requiring constant and exacting monitoring, tuning and maintenance.  We spoke with Shijia Li, Team Lead—Protection and Smart Grid at OPAL-RT, about the efforts her department has made in developing HYPERSIM’s Protection Relay Library. Shijia took a few moments from her day to speak to us about this enhancement to HYPERSIM’s functionality. —INTERVIEWER [IV]: “So, thanks for speaking with us, Shijia! You’ve told me these Protection Relay Library items Read More