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500 kV Bipolar HVDC Link (Available in HYPERSIM)

​This model is a 12-pulse bipolar HVDC system. It was indspired from a SimPowerSystems library example, Thyroristor-Based HVDC Transmission System by Silvano Casoria (Hydro-Quebec). This model is based on  a 1000 MW (+/-500 kV, 1 kA per pole) DC link which is used to transmit power from a 500 kV, 60 Hz network with a Short circuit ratio (SCR) of 5 to a 345 kV, 50 Hz network with SCR= 10.

The rectifier and inverter are composed of one 12-pulse converter per pole, interconnected through a 300 kM CP lines and two 0.5 H smoothing reactors.

The reactive power required by the converters is provided by a set of capacitors banks plus 11th,13th and high-pass filters for a total of 600 MVar on each side. Both poles operate independently of each other.

The following scenarios can be observed:
1) AC fault
2) DC fault
3) Weak AC system
4) Current and Voltage step
5) Misfiring and valve fault
Try it in HYPERSIM: HVDC_MMC/500kV_Bipolar_HVDC_Link