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Webinar New HIL Trends in Protection Systems - Part 3

​HIL testing of Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) systems - This presentation illustrates the advantages of using a Real-Time Power System Simulator (RTPSS) for the tests of a PAC system. The RTPSS simulates the power system, allowing the execution of closed-loop (HIL) tests. 

In the HIL testing, the RTPSS can be programmed, for instance, to simulate a fault in a transmission line. This fault will cause the protection relay to trip, but, contrary to the open-loops tests, the RTPSS will acquire commands from physical devices, resulting in a new configuration of the power grid, then, it will reconfigure the power flow, which may cause other transmission lines to trip.

The HIL interfaces of the simulator are both hardwired and IEC 61850, permitting the tests of legacy and state-of-the-art devices. With the simulator features it is also possible to automate tests using ScopeView, allowing convergence analysis of test results.